Best Apps for Couples in 2021

Best Apps for Couples in 2021

Relationships demand efforts and a lot of initiatives from both partners. It is not only about asking out for coffee or a date or saying ‘I do’ for that matter. There comes the real effort to start the beginning thoroughly. From bios to habits, these commendable apps for couples will lead you a long way to your perfect one.

With social media and app stores getting flooded with Tinder-like apps, there are millions of lovers who started their love journey using the love app. So why not use the ideal couples apps which are filtered for relationship building and blooming it with the efforts that can bring smiles to both faces. When you are miles away from your ‘the one’, few top apps for couples can be extremely useful for you. To be honest, there is no easier way to be connected than having an app for something that can change the whole game of your life. So, here is the list of some cool mobile applications for couples that can assist you to manage your relationship by informing one another’s situation efficiently. Download these best apps for couples to invite more fun and happiness to your relationship. The following are the top 9 of our picks, have a look:

Top 9 Couple Apps in 2021 for Android and iOS-

1. Cobble App 

cobble- best apps for couple

Just like Tinder, this app is for partners who want to explore great date night ideas and discover new local experiences for a real adventure. If you want to spend less time on planning and more time together, then the Cobble app is one of the best apps for couples that you can download to make your event memorable. You get to see the options and ideas that match your vision and swipe right on an idea that matches your date. Such romantic apps present simple events for special ones with approx 3000 curated recommendations including restaurants, lounges, cafes, bars, clubs, dining areas, etc.

Its notable features are –

  • Organize the saved ideas and cards from curated suggestions
  • View the ideas on maps to make decisions faster
  • Share the collection with loved ones, family, and partners
  • Swipe left for ‘not liking’ and swipe right for ‘liking’ the idea
  • Feature to add dates to the calendar – Apple, Google, or Outlook for the event
  • Track of all the places visited monthly

Download Cobble App on iOS now!

2. Merge App

merge app

This is an app that helps couples who are in a relationship to stay at the top of daily responsibilities when it comes to household communication. Whether you have just moved in together or married or together for years, Merge is a commendable choice for big and small household coordination. Tasks must be shared between the two of you wiping out the stress of issues like grocery lists, dinner orders, or household chores. Iphones have in-built reminders and notes apps that can be shared with others. But they aren’t well versed with the optimization part for couples. Merge does it!

Its notable features are – 

  • Setting due dates and reminders with Apple
  • Setting task urgency and reassigning tasks
  • Merge status to update partner in just a tap
  • Adding profile pictures and commenting on various tasks simultaneously
  • Add hashtags or create campaigns like #campaignoftoday to all the related tasks

Download Merge App on iOS now!

3. Kukini App 


Merge is a great choice for couples but Kukini is the ice breaker when it comes to a whole family. This tops the list of apps for couples which is a smart organizer that can make the family do their respective task together. With the help of shared calendars, meal planners, health trackers, and to-do shopping lists, Kukini App manages your home. Keeping a track of everyone and what they’re up to is not an easy task, this app ensures a perfect way to keep the family life moving. 

Does a family member have a doctor’s appointment? Does your kid need medicine? Does your bro have a cricket match? All of these activities are displayed and also who is responsible for what. Well, there is so much functionality that can make you and your family relations even better. 

Its notable features are- 

  • Set, plan, and schedule meetings and events
  • View shared calendar events 
  • Weekly meal planner for the whole family
  • Create shopping to-do lists for different stores and members
  • Real-time message notifications
  • Roles and permissions to children and grandparents
  • Dark mode adjusts automatically on the phone

Download Kukini App on iOS now!

4. Coupleness App 

coupleness app

All coupleness takes from is 3 minutes a day and that’s all!

Such a partner app is a smart journal for smart relationships where the partners get to communicate with each other and develop their relationships. Coupleness is a daily tracker to share with your partner about your feelings and experiences over time. One can answer the simple question when convenient and open up new conversations to stay connected. React quickly using the provided emojis and gifs within the app to ensure open-ended free space. When life demands more colors, care, and information, these little entries are crucial for daily queries. Such an app is a ‘Relationship Booster’ as to reduced screen time and increases cuddling with your partner/spouse. It includes additional tips, articles, and questions you can answer for further work.

Its notable features are –

  1. Inspiration through gifs, emojis, videos, and articles
  2. A lighthearted way to create good habits for your partner
  3. Opportunity to create a unique profile and personalize the building blocks of relationship
  4. Daily communication for a better you – individual, couple, or humanity in general

Download Coupleness App on iOS now!

5. Honeydue App

honeydue app

Honeydue is among the top apps for couples that encourage meaningful couple goals and manage their financial handles effectively. For couples in general, features like sharing texts, photos, videos, voice notes, etc are quite a concern when it comes to privacy. It is the best couple tracker app that helps in tracking their financial bills, bank balance, and expenses leading to the ultimate finance management between the partners.

Honeydue is a free mobile app making it convenient for couples to coordinate bills like a pro and chat to bank together whether the couple has just moved in together or celebrated their silver jubilee together. 

Its notable features are –

  • Regular reminders of the time to pay bills
  • Setting monthly spending limits in different forms
  • Automatic categorization of all expenses
  • Ability to see all bank balances in one place
  • Supports more than 10,000 banks in various countries
  • Encourage partner’s spending with thumbs up or other 6 emojis
  • Multi-factor authentication with SSL and passcode verification

Download Honeydue App on Android and iOS now!

6. Venmo App

venmo app

You must have noticed that couples hesitate a bit when it comes to dividing or paying each other for stuff bought or amounts spent on lunch/dinner dates. If you are a couple and looking for apps for couples, Venmo is a suitable choice for you. It is the right couples app that makes the whole process of payments simpler and convenient as you don’t need to ask your partner anything and have already systematically maintained the finances. 

Never hesitate to go out shopping or beer party because Venmo is an app for partners that acts as your digital wallet which is a fast, safe, and social way to manage payments.

Its notable features are –

  • Keeps monetary issues sorted between couples 
  • Venmo credit is available for payment or transfer

Download Venmo App on Android and iOS now!

7. Kindu App

kindu app

Kindu is one of the best apps for couples which is designed to explore, discover and inspire partners to bring them closer and reinvigorate their romance. If you are looking for a real adventure with your partner, Kindu is the ice breaker where you can openly share the deepest desire without any embarrassment with the match feature of the app. It is one of the great apps for couples to discover their partner’s desires positively.

Chat, Communicate and Connect at your best with the couple games app that facilitates them to 

  1. Try love ideas at their romantic times 
  2. Initiate the funny chats  
  3. A lighthearted approach to improving the intimacy or romance
  4. Discover the partner’s desires to know each other better

Its notable features are –

  • Features over 1000+ relationship ideas
  • Allows to star favorites & create the desired list
  • Wildcard feature to submit own ideas to partner
  • Top partners app especially for married couples proposing the ideas and desires to each other
  • Option to mark a ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘May be’ to the proposals
  • Feature of flirting with ‘Show & Tell’ option

Download Kindu App on Android and iOS now!

8. Pathshare 

pathshare app

Are you the caring one who is often impatient to know where your partner is? Is she/he safe and protected?  Pathshare is the best apps for couples to put each other’s minds at ease and share the location for a definite period of time. With this app, you can have a real-time location using the phones’ GPS working best for couples who are in long-distance to be aware of their loved one’s current location.  It will automatically stop sharing the locations once the defined period is over. 

It is among the most amazing apps for couples to look forward to. Whether you’re on a night out with friends, stuck in a traffic jam in your car, on the way back home late, heading to a corporate meeting, dropping the kids safely to schools, etc, Pathshare is the great ice breaker for you to notify or get notified. 

Its notable features are –

  • Let your partner or friend see you moving on the location in real time
  • Find lost ones in a shopping mall or kids in schools
  • Automatically stops sharing the location once the session expires
  • Option for live navigation and switch to ‘satellite view’ feature
  • Notify or get notified  when participants join or leave the session
  • The app can be used at any location across the globe

Download Pathshare App on Android and iOS now!

A similar app is mCouple App to stay in touch 24*7 with a mobile tracking feature to find users or partners wherever they are around the globe. This is one of the love apps for couples who are committed to their respective relationships. Download here

9. Raft

raft app

Raft is one of the apps for couples that focuses on the smart and fun calendar for couples or friends to share plans and make it concrete by setting the time and dates of the events of the meeting. Are you looking for a Couple App that can make your meeting event super easy, romantic & enjoyable? Raft is the ultimate choice for you !!! 

The Raft, apps games for couples, is a private calendar app that gives the advantage of safe and planned communication to plan a game night, get together, or private event highlighting the number of days left to the event date. Isn’t this so exciting? This love testing app is designed beautifully to create forever memories and test each other’s patience to keep up with the appointments or events planned. It is altogether a different take on the best apps for couples to stay on task and coordinate timely with the partner out of the busy schedules.

Its notable features are –

  • Connect your partner, friends, or family members to the calendar
  • Like & comment on the plans set
  • Keep plans public or private as per convenience
  • Direct chat feature on calendar events
  • Customize plans with unique emojis, photos, or GIFs
  • Find updates on ‘Days left’ and invite people to the plan

Happy Planning!

Download the Raft App on iOS now. 

We passed on these best apps for couples – 

So, above is the list of best couples apps for Android and iOS that are useful to download keeping the fun factors a priority. These apps are beyond imagination and innovation where one can rule the divine emotion in a relationship whether for a couple who are distant apart, in living, or socially together. Stay tuned for love and date romantically. We assume that you are already your partner’s favorite by now with our well-researched list of apps best suited for couples that you can consider in 2021.

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Also, do not forget to drop a comment below on your favorite relationship app that helped you break the ice and ace your relationship with your partner/spouse. 

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