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Machine Learning

Build, implement, and deploy Machine Learning models and high-end algorithms to analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources to make apps future-proof and smarter.

Benefits of Mobcoder AI and ML Services

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    It frees up resources to take the task of manual data entry.

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    It identifies and interprets customer behavior for churn prediction.

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    Identifies a large volume of data and analytically analyzes it.

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    Enables customer segmentation & future-proof strategy.

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    Empower data scientists to handle advanced analytical queries and modeling.

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    Predict what a customer is likely to buy by learning and understanding their purchasing patterns.

Our AI/ML Development Specialties

Mobcoder leverages strong AI capabilities and analytical research capabilities to meet customer demands.

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    Excellence in R&D

    Our team expertise in multiple domains of machine learning allows us to set the path from concept to product, evaluating product viability, and single out the best set of technologies.

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    Multi-domain skills

    Our team has gained its expertise in ML through deep cognitive computing technologies in multiple businesses, gaining diverse experience harnessing AI to solve the most complex tasks.

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    Customized Solutions

    We tend to customize multiple components as per the client’s requirement and build tailor-made AI solutions to deliver the exact solutions which cater to a specific problem.

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    Machine Learning consulting for businesses

    Our machine learning applications build through the combination of ML mining, reporting, visualization, and advanced algorithms. We offer to automate business processes to make businesses competitive in this digital ecosystem.

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    Data-based information

    Our solutions tend to quantify valuable info from multiple sources of data. With this precise info, decision makers can evaluate the current market, technology trends, and customer behavior to make future-proof decisions.

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    Smart business automation

    We help organizations of multiple domains to adopt machine learning capabilities at the core of business automation programs. Our ML models help organizations to harness AI at every level of their processes.

Our artificial intelligence & machine learning engineers will enable you to cut down your operational costs, save time, automate tasks, and enhance workflow efficiency

  • Pioneer Data Scientists

    Data experts who tend to solve complex business through sheer data analytical ability.

  • Real-Time Analysis

    Get real time insights into your business performance to make it future-proof against any risks.

  • Personalized Solution

    Customized solution for your model promotes automation of your processes.

  • Transparency

    Complete transparency of the work & processes during the entire development cycle of the product.

  • Technology Stack

    Our technology stack is well equipped to ensure a full-fledged and future-proof product.

  • Cross-Platform Support

    Integrate your existing platform with highly robust and scalable Machine Learning Platform.

Setting up a goal
Identifying what exactly your business model requires to achieve intelligence-driven capabilities.
Capturing existing data
Exploring current datasets and sources and establishing data collection mechanisms to harness external data.
Visualizing data pipeline
Understand design and structure of data and implement components of a pipeline.
Develop & deploy data models
Build and deploy a machine learning model to embedded in applications after validating it for quality.

Define. Train. Integrate Machine Learning Solutions as per different business requirements.

Transform Your Business by deploying optimal ML models at any scale.

FAQs about AI/ML

How much time will it take for you to develop my AI application?
The development time will depend on the complexity of the functionality of your AI application. As a dedicated AI application development provider, we first understand your technical requirement and customer base. It empowers us to choose a customized solution to fulfill your expectations.
What are the examples of AI?
Presenting you the best applications of Artificial Intelligence that have transformed the way machines and humans interact with each other.
  • Alexa (Developed by Amazon)
  • Maro (Suicide Prevention Chatbot: Developed by Mobcoder)
  • Google Nest (Developed by Google)
  • Cogito (Developed by Cogito Tech)
What is AI in mobile apps?
AI is a revolutionary intervention in mobile apps. It empowers apps to predict user behavior and make smarter decisions. Al mobile apps continuously learn from user data and deliver the most personalized and customer experience to the user in real-time.

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