• Implement a Customer Loyalty Program for Your Restaurant

    Implement a Customer Loyalty Program for Your Restaurant

    At Mobcoder™, we’re experts at integrating Oracle CrowdTwist loyalty program software into apps and websites like yours. With a CrowdTwist implementation, you’ll keep your best customers coming back and transform them into enthusiastic brand advocates.

    We developed a successful CrowdTwist loyalty program for the Revelers Club Restaurant Group. You can read more about that implementation in our case study.

    We know what it takes to build customized CrowdTwist loyalty programs for restaurants and cafés. Let’s get to it and start coding.



The Best Customer Retention
Strategies For Restaurants

How do you increase customer loyalty in restaurants and cafés? It’s tough! But it’s much easier and more cost-effective to convince existing customers to return than find a new ones. These are some of the time tested customer retention strategies for restaurants:

right arrowGreat food and an intriguing menu

right arrowGracious, timely service that gets remembered

right arrowUnique and consistent vibe and ambiance

right arrowEasy reservations systems

right arrowA reason for customers to remember you (a signature dish, a comped dessert, a memorable name, a surprising design feature)

The Best Customer Retention Strategies For Restaurants

These days, however, those strategies are table stakes. You need a rewards program to transform one-time diners into loyal customers and even brand advocates. While the exact strategies depend on your restaurant and clientele, we believe Oracle’s CrowdTwist is the best loyalty program software. It’s flexible enough for restaurants of every shape and size, and it easily connects to SevenRooms web reservations systems.

  • Struggling With How To Get Repeat
    Customers At Your Restaurant?

    Turning one-off customers into regulars isn’t easy, which is why customer loyalty is crucial for any successful café or restauran

    Engage more customers and turn up the revenue by implementing Oracle’s loyalty program software CrowdTwist. Mobcoder™ can integrate CrowdTwist into your website and mobile app—plus connect your POS and reservation systems—so you can get back to what you do best. Serving amazing food.

    Struggling With How To Get Repeat Customers At Your Restaurant?



What is Oracle CrowdTwist?

CrowdTwist is a cloud-based customer loyalty and engagement platform that helps restaurants like yours develop and manage customized loyalty and rewards programs. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to engage your customers across touchpoints, allowing restaurants like your to reward customers for actions beyond just having dinner. These actions can include social media engagement, writing reviews, and more.

You’ll be able to collect valuable customer data and insights. Later, you can use the data to personalize marketing efforts and improve customer experiences. CrowdTwist will help you build stronger relationships with customers, increase customer lifetime value, and differentiate yourself in the market.

CrowdTwist loyalty programs can include:

  • Omnichannel Engagement
    Omnichannel Engagement
  • Customizable Rewards
    Customizable Rewards
  • Data Analytics and Insights
    Data Analytics and Insights
  • Gamification
  • Integration Capabilities
    Integration Capabilities
  • How CrowdTwist Stands Up To Its Competitors

    How CrowdTwist Stands Up To Its Competitors

    There are lots of restaurant loyalty programs available. Why choose CrowdTwist?

    • arrow

      It’s easy to integrate with existing POS, CRM, and reservation systems.

    • arrow

      It’s designed to scale with your business, so it works as various stages of growth, from local eateries to national chains.

    • arrow

      CrowdTwist is backed by Oracle, which is well known for its support and expertise.

    • arrow

      We’ve evaluated lots of loyalty programs. CrowdTwist is robust, efficient to implement, and easy to use.

  • CrowdTwist Competitors Don’t Stand Up

    Here’s where CrowdTwist competitors fall short:

    • arrow

      Fewer customizable options

    • arrow

      Fewer touchpoint integrations

    • arrow

      Fewer action-based rewards

    • arrow

      Fewer segmentation features

  • When you’re ready to increase customer loyalty at your restaurant, Mobcoder will be ready to customize the implementation

    When you’re ready to increase customer loyalty at your restaurant, Mobcoder™ will be ready to customize the implementation

    We’ll help make your loyalty program sing with an expert CrowdTwist implementation.

    We’ve created more than 300 apps since 2014. Our international team runs ahead of the tech curve, advancing cost efficiencies and 24/7 service. We attack each implementation fearlessly, with attentive collaboration and visionary problem-solving.



We Make It Easy To Implement and Launch
a CrowdTwist Loyalty Program

We believe in making technology accessible. Our process on every project is designed to be straightforward and transparent. From initial consultation to final implementation, Mobcoder™ makes integrating CrowdTwist a cost-effective no-brainer. Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    Consult and assess
    Consult and assess
  • 2

    Develop a tailored solution
    Develop a tailored solution
  • 3

    Fast, collaborative development
    Fast, collaborative development
  • 4

    Successful on-time, on-budget launch
    Successful on-time, on-budget launch

Why Choose Mobcoder™ for Your CrowdTwist Implementation?

  • Expertise with Restaurant Loyalty Programs
    Specialized focus on the restaurant industry to deliver solutions that resonate with your business needs.
  • Experience with SevenRooms implementations
    We know how to connect the right APIs, so your reservations systems works seamlessly.
  • Customized Solutions
    Tailored implementations that reflect your restaurant’s unique identity, needs, and budget.
  • Ongoing Support
    Our relationship doesn’t end at launch. We provide continuous support to ensure your loyalty program thrives.
  • Expert Developers
    We're fluent in these development languages:
    Javascript, React.js, Next.js, Swift, Kotlin

Are You Ready to Transform Your Restaurant Loyalty Program?

When you’re ready to supercharge customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction, Mobcoder™ is ready to make that happen. Our expertise in implementing CrowdTwist solutions will give your restaurant the edge it needs to succeed.

person icon

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a more loyal customer base.


Successful CrowdTwist Loyalty Program Implementations for Restaurants

Wire & Wine Restaurant Group / Revelers Club

We transformed the customer loyalty landscape for the Fire and Ice Restaurant Group. When they need to increase customer retention and engagement, Fire and Ice turned to Mobcoder™ for a smart CrowdTwist solution. The implementation, which integrated seamlessly into their existing digital infrastructure, enabled them to offer personalized rewards, track customer behavior, and increase repeat visits.



arrowIncrease in customer retention
arrowLift in average customer spend
arrowEnhanced customer data collection

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