Why Hire Dedicated Resources?

Are you a business owner? Are you interested in developing a mobile application for your business? Do you lack the resources necessary to manage the software development process? You must hire dedicated resources. This is because you do not have to supervise the hired expert in a dedicated team model. We will take care of it for you.

Hire dedicated resources from a reputable online and mobile application development firm like Mobcoder Technologies guarantees that your work is completed properly, on schedule, and to your satisfaction. Our mobile application dedicated development team has created popular mobile and online apps such as Maro, Vimazi, TreadMap, CampsEZ, etc

By hiring dedicated developers, you save the expenses associated with recruiting, training, and infrastructure. All you have to do is verify your concept, hire the most qualified developers, and complete the job.

Why Hire Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Developers to Hire

Are you looking to hire dedicated mobile developers to work on a certain niche? We provide dedicated developers for a variety of technologies.

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Uncertain How To
Hire Dedicated Developers?

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated App Developers

Let us go over them one by one. Consider yourself and see if this description suits you. You are an entrepreneur with an idea for a mobile application. You need the application but lack the time or money necessary to hire dedicated mobile developers. Does it seem as though we're speaking about you? It's past time for you to explore a specialised employment strategy.
Consider the advantages of hiring dedicated developers v/s freelancers or in-house developers.
  • Adaptable Hiring

    Adaptable Hiring

    You do not have to recruit a full-time employee; you may hire a dedicated mobile app developer on a project-by-project basis and then relieve them once the job is complete.

  • Communicate Directly

    Communicate Directly

    Communication is critical. You will have full control over the process and will be able to interact directly with the specialised staff at any moment.

  • Cost and Time Effective

    Cost and Time Effective

    Because you are not responsible for these developers' year-round overhead, the dedicated hiring model is both cost- and time-effective. There is no need to maintain deadline reminders.

  • Improve Productivity

    Improve Productivity

    You may devote more time to your primary responsibilities rather than managing the developer you've hired. This allows you to focus on other critical project objectives.

Explore Our Mobile App Portfolio

  • Tread Map

    Tread Map

    The TREAD Map App pilot initiative was launched in collaboration with the Washington Tourism Alliance, Dharma Maps, TREAD Map App. It gives real-time trail and recreational data. Curated for quality, Tread map is the one-stop solution for all outdoor enthusiasts. Find the trail descriptions, detailed trail maps, reviews, photos, and regular updates on real-time conditions.

  • Maro


    Maro has made into the top 46 startups to watch in 2021. maro is a parent's companion for the hardest parts of growing up. Learn how to navigate tough growing-up conversations around mental health, empathy, puberty & diversity with your k-8th grade child as they grow.

  • Vimazi


    Vimazi, has secured $600,000 in early investment to help launch its high-tech footwear later this year. Running shoes that give "energy return" have been around for a while, and several versions like Brooks and Nike have proprietary cushioning technologies.


Process to Hire Dedicated Resources

Have you made the decision to hire dedicated developers but are unsure where to begin? We have a recruiting procedure in place to assist our customers in locating and hiring dedicated developers. The process encompasses all aspects of the project, from requirement collecting through final kick-off. Consider our process to hire dedicated resources and get a better understanding of how we will proceed.
  • 1

    Requirement Gathering
    Requirement Gathering
  • 2

    Candidate Selection
    Candidate Selection
  • 3

    Screening of Resumes
    Screening of Resumes
  • 4

    Terms and Contract
    Terms and Contract
  • 5

    Get the Process Started
    Get the Process Started

Requirement Gathering

During this first stage, one of our mobility consultants will speak with you and thoroughly review your project needs. This enables us to determine what you're searching for and the number of resources you'll need and for how long. We provide an estimate for the cost of if you hire dedicated resources or a dedicated team of development to work on your app solution.

Requirement Gathering

Why Choose Mobcoder?

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    Creative Geeks.

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    Investment raise for startups.

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Our Valuable Clients

Why Hire Dedicated Programmers from Mobcoder?

  • A seasoned team

    A seasoned team

    Our team consists of over 200 mobile application developers that have expertise developing mobile applications using a range of frameworks and programming languages. Our developers are technologically savvy such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning. You get to employ just the most experienced developers for your project.

  • NDA


    We enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure the confidentiality and security of your unique mobile app concept, with all rights retained for you. You retain ownership of the app's functionality, as well as the UX and UI design. Our developers make no claim to ownership of your application.

  • Flexible Model

    Flexible Model

    Agility is critical. This adaptable approach of employing specialised engineers is very popular with big businesses. The simplicity of managing a team and the higher quality of software development are very beneficial. Whether you're looking for a website or a mobile application, this model is ideal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with me?

One of our highest concerns is the protection of your intellectual property. All of our workers have signed a legal contract promising not to share any of our customers' private information with anyone else. Otherwise, we only communicate project-related details with those who need to know them, and we only provide them restricted access based on their actual need to know it. This helps us protect your app development idea's privacy and lets you know that your data is secure with us..

What is the best way to interact with and provide directions to the dedicated devs I've hired?
You will be able to convey your needs to a project manager who will assist you throughout the development process. Aside from that, you may get in touch with the hired developer through email, skype, Basecamp, or phone.
If I Hire Dedicated Resources, will they exclusively work on my projects?
Providing specialised recruiting for mobile app development is done with that goal in mind, yes. You'll be assigned a developer who will focus only on your project and nothing else. A dedicated development team will only work on your project if you employ them all.
Are there certain procedures to follow when looking to hire dedicated programmers?
To begin, a member of our sales team will sit down with you to go through your needs and find out precisely what you're looking for. After that, we'll make a short list of candidates from which you may simply choose. We'll give you a list of those who've been shortlisted before making a final decision. If you're not happy with the resumes we've sent, we'll give you a few more so you can make a decision based on what you need. Once you've given your final approval, we'll set up a kickoff meeting to introduce you to the developers.
How much does it cost to Hire Mobile App Developers?
The cost to hire mobile app developers varies depending on the area and the skills you need.
When can I expect to get updates on the project's progress?
Yes, our business adheres to a policy of complete openness. In this way we'll keep you updated on the progress of the developer or dedicated development team you employ on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Will I be able to access all of the source code created by my in-house developers after the project is complete?
Your dedicated team of developers' effort will be yours because you are a paying customer. You will own the finished product outright.
Is it possible to hire specialised coders without signing a long-term contract?
Of course, there will be a contract in place for the sake of security and compliance with the law. The hired dedicated developers may be relieved as per the conditions if your development job is complete and you want to do so.
Is there a way to make modifications to the app once it's been developed?
Our team of specialists will respond to your questions and provide assistance as needed, depending on the kind of modifications you want to make to your app. You may also contact your developer personally if you require any modifications while the development process is still in progress or before the app has been released.

Client Appreciation

Khadijeh Rahmani

I worked with MobCoder for developing our B2B and B2C applications. They are a really fantastic team who are a delight to work with, they go beyond to help their clients, and ensure clients requirements are all met. They definitely earn my highest recommendation for their offering services.

Khadijeh Rahmani

Brenton Thornicroft

MobCoder was absolutely wonderful to work with. They really took time to understand the project requirements, goals and objectives so they could allocate resources most efficiently for our needs. They were very professional and delivered the project on time. Will definitely be using them more!

Brenton Thornicroft

Zachary Barjona

“They produce quality work with a positive attitude.”
External feedback on the app designs has been positive testaments to the platform’s usability, clarity, and high-quality look and feel. The team exceeded expectations, developing a clickable app showcasing all of its future capabilities. Supportive and creative, they built a lasting partnership.

Zachary Barjona

Mike Kneeland

"Mobcoder has done an excellent job throughout the last 18 months."
Although version 1.0 of the apps has areas of improvement, stakeholders praise the team's output. Throughout the engagement, Mobcoder has gone beyond the client's expectations. The team communicates well and effectively accommodates the client's needs despite their time differences.

Mike Kneeland

Todd M. Williams

"I appreciate their attention to detail and high level of communication." Direct yet flexible, Mobcoder serves as a valuable development partner for the client. They advise on scoping, work within the client’s time zone, and are keen on trial-and-error delivery, making them a perfect fit for the client’s workflow.

Todd M. Williams

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