Connecting The Outdoor Recreation Community

Adventure seekers and trail lovers have discovered Washington State as an outdoor Mecca. The diverse topography and climate of Washington State attract those who wish to get lost- without getting lost. Washington State boasts rainforests, mountains, arid deserts and diverse water features.

Connecting the outdoor recreation community
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Too much of a good thing

To promote sustainable recreation tourism, provide the best user experience, and divert traffic from well-loved trails to lesser-known hidden gems, Washington State Tourism, chambers of commerce, local user groups, and land managers collaborated. Dharma Maps developed TREAD Map in partnership with TREAD, a regional trail advocacy organization.

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The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path

Because of Its expansive and diverse trail system and word clsss parks like Mount Rainier and Olympics Washington State has become a popular destination for adventure seekers from around the world. As a result, the most popular parks, trails and trailheads are overcrowded and overloved.

Paths Less Traveled

By offering alternatives to popular locations, TREAD Map empowers land managers and experts to assist explorers in discovering nearby opportunities with less crowds and equal beauty.

Paths less traveled
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Real time: Your Theme, Your Message, Your Store

Establish a theme in TREAD Map and manage you areas, content, messaging and store- all in real time.

What Adventurers Need To Know, When They Need To Know It

When Mother Nature steps in, we inform users that the trail has been closed due to fires, floods or even air quality. Land managers can manage customized filters in TREAD Map to make sure users are never caught off guard by alerts and updates on trails. Bridge out, Snake on trail, trail too muddy- all in real time.

What users need to know, when they need to know it
These views are great

These Views Are Great

With TREAD Map, land managers can customize their regions views based on selected filters. For example, if there is a fire, you can chart its perimeter., show closres and air quality.

Crafted by Local Experts and Boots on the Ground Experience

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