Services we Offer

From Startups to Enterprises, Products to Service Companies, Mobcoder caters to all the app development requirements in the same manner.

  • UI/UX

  • Web

  • Cross-Platform

  • Mobile

  • IoT

  • AI/ML

  • Voice

  • AR

  • UI Design

    UI Design

    Our user-centric UX design approach gauges user attention by improving usability, accessibility, and increase interaction with the product.

  • User Research & Strategy

    User Research & Strategy

    Design decisions based on the needs and mindset of the targeted users.
    To identify their interest, our analysis team understand potential users, competitors strategy, and market trends.

  • User Personas

    User Personas

    User personas prepare a profile on which the real customer exactly behaves. Our team analyzes data through user behaviors, pain points, current market behavior, needs to define this.

  • User Stories and flows

    User Stories and flows

    User stories and flows work to identify the user journey while product interaction. This phase answers the questions like: How will the user know what to do? and, How to start interaction with the product?

  • Wireframes & Prototyping

    Wireframes & Prototyping

    Wireframes and prototypes are used to customize the solution for the purpose of user validation. It gives a clear picture of how solutions can be modified to meet user needs and behaviors.

  • User Experience Design

    User Experience Design

    It is focused on to developing engaging interfaces that the user interacts with. This is the last stage and gives an idea of how visual elements will look like and how the final product looks. This phase ensures responsiveness, consistency, and aesthetic part.

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