Our Best-in-class Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development Services

We have a pool of skilled and experienced AI and ML developers. Build intuitive, creative, and futuristic solutions that align with your business goals as you hire AI and ML developers from Mobcoder™.

  • ML Consulting

    ML Consulting

    Our machine learning consulting helps you find the most suitable and effective business solutions. Our experts help you get a clear strategy for creating and implementing intelligent the right Machine Learning tools required to help you streamline your services.

  • AI-Based Chatbots

    AI-Based Chatbots

    Build AI-powered chatbots with our Machine Learning Developers to respond intelligently to user queries and carry out specific tasks by relying on trending technologies and superior analytics.

  • AI-Powered User Behavior Analysis

    AI-Powered User Behavior Analysis

    Analyzing and predicting user behavior gets redefined thanks to AI and ML. Build systems with our experts to study and analyze user behavior and improve your business appearance and marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.

  • Recommendation Systems

    Recommendation Systems

    Create robust AI-powered recommendation systems to drive more sales by motivating consumers to purchase services of their choice.

  • Neural Network Development

    Neural Network Development

    Recognize and process text, videos, and images with ease as you build powerful neural networks with our ML engineers.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    Dedicated support post-deployment is as crucial as building solutions. Bank on our dependable ML developers to keep a close watch on your application and resolve whatever comes as a hindrance.

Dedicated Developers to Hire

Are you looking to hire a specialized mobile application developer to work on a specific niche? We provide dedicated developers for a variety of technologies.

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Looking to hire AI/ML developers for your next project?

Benefits of Hiring AI/Ml Developers

Mobcoder's™ AI and ML Developers are well-versed in the required tools, frameworks, and languages to help you develop quality AI and ML solutions. Rely on our top-notch tech experts to get the job done at affordable rates.

  • 1.
    Real-time Assistance

    Real-Time Assistance

    Customers will have the finest experience possible if you provide them with real-time support, and they will begin to recognize your brand among your competition. With Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to communicate with large numbers of clients every day with fewer chances of error.

    Data Mining

    Data Mining

    Using cloud-based AI, you may quickly discover essential and relevant customer insights while analyzing massive amounts of data. It can provide previously uncovered, incredibly high-level customer insights and help you serve your customers better. It is a big business advantage of AI that can give you a market advantage.

  • 3.
    Efficient Use

    Efficient Use

    When this happens, productivity improves automatically, and the company starts growing and utilizes its capital better in the areas that can provide higher business benefits.

    Predicting Outcomes

    Predicting Outcomes

    The ability to forecast outcomes based on data analysis is another advantage of using AI technology in the workplace. Numerous industries employ it due to its useful qualities, including banking, where it can predict stock price and currency fluctuations, and healthcare, where it may detect disease.

We Create Purpose-driven Apps and Digital Products

  • Zeppelin



    Zeppelin collects intelligence from security cameras and turns it into visualized dashboards using Artificial Intelligence to help users take stock of real-time scenarios.

    Tech Stack :

    • Node.js
    • Angular JS
    • MongoDB
    • Express.js
    • AWS
    • S3 Bucket
  • Maro



    We've developed an app empowering families to discuss mental health, diversity, and empathy. This unique tool goes beyond by assisting parents in monitoring their children's emotional states. Strengthen family bonds with meaningful conversations and keep a mindful eye on your child's well-being through our innovative application.

    Tech Stack :

    • Swift
    • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Express.js
    • Firebase
    • TensorFlow
    • React.js
    • AWS
    • Branch.io
  • Optifo



    Optifo, a professional photo editor for car agents, revolutionizes image creation with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence. Dealers can effortlessly create and optimize vehicle images, ensuring a polished and captivating showcase. This innovative app streamlines the photo editing process, providing car agents with a powerful tool to enhance their listings and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

    Tech Stack :

    • Next.js
    • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Swift
    • Express.js
    • React.js
    • AI/ML
    • React Redux
    • HTML5

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Process to Hire Dedicated Developers

Have you decided to hire dedicated developers but are still determining where to begin? We have a recruiting procedure to assist our customers in locating and hiring dedicated developers. The process encompasses all aspects of the project, from requirement collecting through the final kick-off. Consider our approach to hiring dedicated developers and get a better understanding of how we will proceed.

  • Requirement Gathering
    Requirement Gathering
  • Screening of Resumes
    Screening of Resumes
  • Resource Shortlisting
    Resource Shortlisting
  • Terms and Contract
    Terms and Contracts
  • Get the Process Started
    Get the Process Started
Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

During this first stage, one of our mobility consultants will speak with you and thoroughly review your project needs. This enables us to determine what you're searching for and the number of resources you'll need and for how long. We provide an estimate for the cost if you hire dedicated resources or a dedicated team of developers to work on your app solution.

How It All Started and What Drives Us Today

Since 2014, we've released 300+ apps. We deliver user-friendly and delightful solutions by collaborating with a diversified team of specialists with distinct backgrounds and experiences.

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    Apps Successfully Delivered

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    Multi-Ethnic Creative Geeks

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    Brands and Startups Served

  • $M+

    Investment Generated From Our Delivered Products

Industries We Serve

We create game-changing digital experiences for customers by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and building scalable solutions.

  • healthcare app development services
  • banking app development services
    Banking & Finance
  • fitness app development services
    Fitness & Sports
  • gaming app development services
  • media app development services
    Media & Entertainment
  • retail app development services
    Retail &
  • e-learning app development services
  • travel development services
    Travel & Tourism
  • Automotive services


  • Food & Drink Services

    Food & Drink

  • Real Estate services

    Real Estate

  • Software services


Why Hire Dedicated Developers From Mobcoder™?

  • An Experienced Team


    An Experienced Team

    Hiring dedicated developers from Mobcoder™ ensures top-tier expertise for your projects. Our skilled professionals bring specialized knowledge, commitment, and efficiency to deliver tailored solutions. With Mobcoder™, you gain a dedicated team focused on achieving your goals, driving innovation, and ensuring the success of your development endeavors.

  • NDA



    We enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure the confidentiality and security of your unique mobile app concept, with all rights retained for you. You retain ownership of the app's functionality, as well as the UX and UI design. Our developers do not claim ownership of your application.

  • Flexible Model


    Flexible Model

    Agility is critical. This adaptable approach of employing specialized engineers is very popular with big businesses. The simplicity of managing a team and the higher quality of software development are very beneficial. This model is ideal whether you're looking for a website or a mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top Machine Learning tools for software development?
This is dependent on the technology stack used on a project. Still, the most popular tools used for Machine Learning software development are:
  • Kite
  • TensorFlow
  • Codota
  • PyTorch
  • DeepCode
What is the cost of AI/ML app development?
Our recruitment times are much faster than usual because we simply have more candidates to choose from and our recruitment team is continually hiring new specialists. Send us your project requirements or desired CV sample and we will provide you with the right VR developer for the job.
How long does it take to hire a Machine Learning Developer?
The terms depend on your request. On average we need 24 hours to prepare a shortlist of developers. But if you need a rarity experience the terms can be prolonged. The better way is to communicate and understand your needs.
Can I hire AI developer for full time long term projects?
Definitely, yes. We provide developers for different types of projects. If you want to know more about rates, terms, and so on, please contact us and share more information about your requirements and project. We will be glad to consult you and assist you with creating a team.