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Concept Behind Zeppelin

Zeppelin, powered by Artificial Intelligence, gathers intelligence from your video cameras and turns it into visualized dashboards to help you understand what’s going on with your business, whether storefronts, offices, or public gathering spaces.


Idea Behind Zeppelin

It empowers businesses and organizations to make informed decisions by harnessing their data in a much more innovative way. In addition, Zeppelin’s platform provides Artificial Intelligence developers with a unified interface to develop and deploy their algorithms across video hardware platforms.


Zeppelin One - B.I. Dashboards

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    Anytime, Anywhere
    Zeppelin One is a cloud-native and mobile-first solution.

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    Edge A.I.
    Edge A.I. excels in speed, low bandwidth consumption, and scalability. Therefore, our beta program comes with a state-of-the-art camera, X1-8D, equipped with one of America’s most advanced video processors.

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    Share and Collaborate
    Communication and collaboration are made easy when team members can see the videos and stay on the same page. In addition, team members can like and comment on the videos in our future updates

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    Harnessing Artificial Intelligence
    Zeppelin’s platform will provide Artificial Intelligence developers a unified interface to develop and deploy their algorithms across video hardware platforms.

Mission of Zeppelin

The US has millions of security cameras installed and generates a large amount of data on a daily basis. A dedicated tool for aggregation and analysis without coding. Empowering businesses to make better organizations


How Will Businesses Get Benefited From Zeppelin?

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    Actionable: Improve business operation efficiencies with business intelligence dashboards

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    Affordable: It saves all the upfront costs and reduces time in infrastructure and engineering.

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    Scalable: Fit businesses of all sizes, from many locations, from SMB to enterprise.

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