Fitplus—Combining the right mix of technology with the world of Fitness & Healthcare

Fitplus—Combining the right mix of technology with the world of Fitness & Healthcare

An increase in the adoption of health and fitness apps is on an all-time high, and is owing to the rising fitness consciousness among individuals. The unprecedented increase in smartphone penetration and a rise in the adoption of wearable devices is paving way for this increasing demand.

To satiate this claim, according to Coherent Market Insights, the global sports and fitness apps market is projected to exhibit an impressive CAGR of 20.4% over the forecast period (2019–2027).

Furthermore, Fitness & wellness apps are gaining more traction than ever, as more & more brand investing to make their digital footprints through apps. According to Grand View Research, “The global mHealth apps market size was valued at USD 12.4 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 44.7% over the forecast period.” Unarguably, well enough for a delivering a powerful competitive edge.

So going by our commitment to contribute to every new avenue of technology trend. Our digital experts decided to enter this segment to make it more interacting and more exciting than ever.

The concept of “Fitplus was born right there. And our first motivation to work on this technology rightly came when one of our partners desired to enter into this segment. In particular, they desired to carved a niche in the fitness & healthcare segment driven by IoT (Internet of Things)

Fitplus is best defined as “a personalized fitness experience specifically designed and built to help you achieve your goals. As your fitness driver, Fitplus entertains and motivates — encouraging you to succeed along your fitness path.”

It is developed on the mix roadmap of technology with the world of health & fitness.

Below is a representation of the process by which problems were identified and which paths were taken in order to provide solutions and build a unique experience for the users—

Step 1: How users tend to keep track of their goals and overall efforts? And what kind of optimal platform do they actually desire?

Solution: Due to the availability of different wearable devices working on different platforms (iOS & Android), users were scattered to a great extent. But with Fitplus, a unifier app that can fetch data from varied sources & platforms, users can use any wearable device to fetch fitness stats like—Steps Count, Calories Burned, and enter stats like—Sleep Hours, Weight, Blood Pressure, Water Intake, & Pulse Rate manually.

We have achieved this seamless connectivity with different models and devices by maintaining a separate library and wrappers to manage different models and devices on a single platform.

Step 2: Fitness & Wellness comes with a lot of issues in data management intrinsically, Fitplus came with the same vein.

Managing data has always been the key, and we have managed it swiftly by decoding data into meaningful information. To manage data on the local device for iOS, we used Core Data, and for managing on local Android devices, we use Room Database.

Despite having an extraordinary ability to fetch data from different app platforms (Samsung Health, Google Fit, Apple Health, & Fitbit) & devices, we have managed varied values of multiple models of the treadmill and mapped with the current stats. Look at the two screens from two different platforms, iOS & Android, and see how fitplus unifies all the fitness app in it.

Step 3: Assembling different standards protocols of varied fitness machine

Formalizing the whole process of seamless connectivity of the app through different standard protocols was a formidable task to cut for our technical minds. Yet, we have cracked it successfully by identifying missing suitable protocols and connect all the machines in the IoT ecosystem with the app.

Step 4: How fitplus end the user’s dependence to wear any wearable device?

Solution: With the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) on fitness equipment, the app can fetch fitness data directly from the fitness equipment without any dependence on wearable device. We have achieved the same by integrating BLE (Bluetooth Light Energy) to establish a connection of fitness machine and the app on the smartphone.

Step 5: What is the reason behind taking fitplus one-step ahead of a fitness solution? And why digital interaction with a professional nutritionist has never been so easy without fitplus?

Solution: Fitness is undoubtedly a significant part but it is meaningless to say the app a one-stop solution if we restrict or catered to one specific part. To make Fitplus a complete fitness, health & wellness solution, it has integrated with a personalized, easy-to-follow nutrition programming and tracking,

It enables a user to get a particular diet plan from the best of the dieticians in industry and get to know exactly how much calories and nutritional content the user takes in a day and making it possible for anyone to achieve their health and wellness goals.

By including this feature, we extended the reach of the app from ‘fitness enthusiasts’ to ‘fitness strugglers’ who had some difficulty in maintaining healthy habits. 

Step 6: How Fitplus break the monotonous nature of the workouts by integrating the concept of TreadGaming & Community Interaction?

Solution: Connect your smart fitness machine with the fitplus app and enter into an intriguing world of gaming. Fitplus has enabled the option of workout with the exciting option of playing virtual games. Of course, it helps the app to maintain a good user retention & engagement that goes beyond workout experience. 

And remember, it is a big world with many fitness enthusiasts, so with Fitplus, you are blessed to connect with a big fitness community. See the fitness journey of your peers and make yours, may you get the motivation to outwit all.  

Process in a nutshell: Putting aside the challenges we faced in making a prototype like Fitplus, the whole journey was very enlightened for us as a digital transformation partner.

Right from the assembling quick sketches, collaboration between different teams, discussing numerous modules & solutions to the process of delivering a prototype. Plus, ensuring accurate fitness stats every time, integration of more competitive features, and their execution is displaying our digitally-focused approach.

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