Android Development Lifecycle

Translating vision into strategy

  • Product strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Concept
  • Scoping

Creating an engaging user experience

  • User experience
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UI design

Creating mobile application

  • API development
  • Integration
  • Database design
  • Frontend development
Android Development Lifecycle

Securing infrastructure & app

  • Secure architecture
  • Encryption
  • Assessment
  • Security testing

Measuring app usage & success

  • Features usage
  • App analytics
  • Tracking
  • App Store analytics

Managing app lifecycle

  • Packaging
  • App Store preparations
  • Submission
  • Feedback & support

From Consumer to Startup to Enterprise we’ve developed Android apps for all

From Consumer to Startup to Enterprise we’ve developed Android apps for all
  • Ideation & Planning

    First, our mobile app development team gets acquainted with your project idea and objectives. After preparing a customized plan and detailed insights into the competitive landscape of Android app development, we will create a design for every page that has a seamless flow. Then, we will develop the app based on the wireframe of the Android development services.

  • Testing & QA

    Our testing engineers will check the app for all the bugs and conduct frequent revisions to ensure the efficiency and smoothness of the app. All the issues will be resolved during this stage and all the finishing touches implemented for the deployment process of Android development.

  • Design & Development

    Our testing engineers will check the app for all the bugs and conduct frequent revisions to ensure the efficiency and smoothness of the app. All the issues will be resolved during this stage, and all the finishing touches will be implemented for the deployment process of Android development.

  • App Deployment

    The launch stage marks the beginning of the market phase of the app. This could require the backend deployment before the app can be published in the app stores for downloads. You can do a soft launch with a selected group of people/ internal team or publish it in the app stores as a beta version for early user feedback.

Our toolbox for building Android Apps


    • logo
    • logo
    • picasso

    Image Loading

    • logo

    Reactive Programming

    • logo
    • iot

    Machine Learning & AR

    • SQ lite
    • room

    Local Storage

    • java
    • kotlin


    • logo


    • Retrofit
    • ok http
    • Android


    • junit
    • logo
    • logo


    • Google Map
    • logo


Frontend & Backend Web technologies

    • React Js
    • Angular
    • Vue
    • Next


    • node
    • python
    • php


    • Messaging logo
    • Messaging logo
    • Messaging logo


    • my sql
    • Mongo
    • post sql
    • cassandra


    • aws
    • Hosting logo
    • Hosting logo
    • Hosting logo


    • Docker
    • kubernetes
    • jenkins


Android Apps We’ve Built

  • Benefits Of Android Development

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  • Easy Customization

    Easy Customization

    The Android platform is known for its flexibility with multiple customization alternatives. It empowers developers to develop multi-functional apps. Considered favorable for most business types, it offers versatility to integrate data management functions, contains multimedia tools, and easy updates to ensure improved performance every time with custom android app development.

  •  Multi-Store Distribution

    Multi-Store Distribution

    Other than Google Play, the official app marketplace of Android Apps, these apps can also be distributed through many third-party marketplaces. It empowers app developers to reach a mass audience and every section of the app users. Ultimately, it increases the market penetration.

  • BYOD Preference

    BYOD Preference

    Android has a market share of 80%, so available on a wider variety of devices; that’s why companies tend to adopt Bring Your Device (BYOD) policy. It increases employee productivity through comfort and familiarity with machines and reaches users of all economic groups.

  • Security & Distribution

    Security & Distribution

    As an operating system is very secure, it keeps malware at bay through multiple layers of protection. For example, every app requires specific permission to do anything that may lead to data theft. Plus, the the magnitude of frequent security updates by Google makes the security future-proof.

  • Adaptive UIs & Advanced Capabilities

    Adaptive UIs & Advanced Capabilities

    Android devices come in different sizes and are adaptable to the current state of the devices because of the dual-pane mode. Moreover, it supports Adaptive UI; it comes intrinsically with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Plus, it has stunning animation and delivers a peerless user experience through Material Design.

We Provide end-to-end Mobility Solutions

Our Android app development services provide end-to-end mobility solutions to businesses across all sectors. Our scalable and innovative apps harness all the cognitive technologies and are perfectly crafted to provide a competitive edge to your business

  • Custom Android App Development

    Custom Android App Development

    Our Android app development process possesses the complete armory of the app market, thus equipped to deliver secure, customized apps that suit your unique business requirements.

  • Wearable Applications

    Wearable Applications

    Our focus for android wear app development is to ease the standard of living and to build wearable mobile apps for all businesses. Be it smartwatches or glasses; our wearable application takes user experience to new standards.

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Apps

    Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Apps

    With a deep knack for Machine Learning algorithms, our android development is equipped to build smart and intuitive AI-based apps for businesses to improve problem-solving capabilities.

  • Android App Integration

    Android App Integration

    Our Android apps seamlessly integrate with your existing back-end applications (CMS, ERP, etc.) to optimize operational efficiency.

  • Application Porting

    Application Porting

    Porting the application from different languages to the latest version of Android. Be it a desktop app in C# or a web app in PHP; our developers can port it into Android.

  • Android App Consultation

    Android App Consultation

    Be it a startup, small business, or large corporation, you can avail of our Android app consultation to build future-proof apps that perform for your business in the current market scenario.

  • Modern Architecture

    Modern Architecture

    As a professional android app development company, our developers rely on testable and maintainable code that can be gained with MVVM and MVP architecture.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    As a mobile app android development company, we deliver dedicated app maintenance & support services to ensure that your app remains competitive, secure, and robust in the competitive landscape.

  • QA & Testing

    QA & Testing

    Our QA expert always keeps an eye on your project right from the initial stage to ensure that it works equally efficiently on all the designated platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to keep my Android app idea confidential. Will you sign an NDA with me?
Yes, as a prominent and trusted Android app development company, we always sign the non-disclosure with all our clients, and their app idea or any other info is safe and secure with us. We have all the safeguard procedures to secure your shared data related to your project.
Which tools and technologies do you use?
We use the following tools and technologies for app development for android
  • Programming Language: Kotlin/Java, XML for Designing
  • Tools & IDE: Android NDK, Android studio, and Android SDK
  • Database: Realm DB, SQLite, Couchbase Lite
Do I own the application and code?
We develop the app for you, but the app and the app’s code belong to you only. Mobcoder™ has no right to keep the code of your app. Having that said, if you desire a long-term partnership with us, we can discuss some other options with you.
How do you allocate the resources for my app development in Android?
First, we listen to your requirements and understand the purpose of your app. Then we allocate the best resources for your project based on your app concept. You are also empowered to choose the best hiring model you want from us.

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