How AI is Changing the Landscape of Mobile App Development World?

How AI is Changing the Landscape of Mobile App Development World?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Mobile apps are meant to bring more simplicity and comfort in our work processes and ultimately in our life. Thanks to the unprecedented & exponentially improvement of science and technology, the dependency on the computer have reduced significantly due to more mobile-connected world.

According to Gartner, by 2020, there will be more than 26 billion connected devices, both with and without Internet access.

Today, mobile devices are capable of- speech recognition, text recognition, decision-making, and others. And the phenomenon which allowed this change is none other than Artificial Intelligence. This is the technology which enables computers to think and learn on their own. 

Undoubtedly, mobile apps are continuously advancing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly empowering this evolution with more interactive apps entering the market. 

And this learning capacity and adaptability of AI allow businesses to create a personalized experience for each users’ and to develop intelligent apps for it. Now back to the square one —how and what AI is doing with mobile app market. Presenting some points in this favor— 

Face discovery

Face identification enabled by AI is used in applications which can identify human faces and have the ability to present them in different castings. And today, this feature must be included in all the security-based application, e-commerce apps, camera apps. Snapchat is one such example which perceives the face and permits distinctive channels.    

Customized and Adequate Content

The lack of significant or user-focused content is the prime reason why most of the applications failed to attract the digital crowd over a period. But by the detailed evaluation of choices made by users or readers and by integrating them with the learning algorithm, applications can suggest which content is more user-focused and could grab their eye-balls.  

AI steps in here. It can be used to curate more user-specified content in accordance with their users choices. One of the biggest backings AI got is Machine Learning which helps to scan a massive amount of data and filter the most usable one. First, it empowers leaders to take more precise & informed decisions. Secondly, it allows them to offer more personalized solutions to the customers and to build a brand identity. 

Enhance Application Using Experience

A user can seek the exact information from the bunch of data without any delay. It serves dual advantage for them—it saves their time & increases their satisfaction. But how AI helps in it? Actually, chat-boxes and emails with AI functionality could answer the main concerns of the customers without any delay. And when a user or a customer get a resolution of their query on a real-time basis, they become more attracted towards the app and become prospective customers. 

User Convenience 

AI is making a huge turnaround when it comes to deliver the utmost convenience to the users. Let’s make it clear for you through an example. Earlier, we had to go to the supermarkets to buy anything, but now we can order everything from the personalized e-commerce apps, and the stuff gets delivered at our doorsteps.    

Now with the help of AI, apps are coming with voice recognition allows users to give commands through their voices. Apps like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, along with many, are taking instructions through the voice of the user. Most amazingly, it helps to carry out multiple tasks at a time. 


You have just go through the sub-heading ‘Problem Solving’. Yes because AI has a big hand in it. It has the ability to solve complex problems in no time and perform automated reasoning. The function of AI here is not just restricted to behavioral analysis, but it can go further to make businesses to take more informed decisions and solve problems based on different algorithms. Thanks to the human responses and experiences that make AI that much capable. 

For example, there are Maps based on AI, which shows you accurate time, distance, traffic, navigation just like a typical human can do. 


Making payments and banking transactions has become part of our daily tasks. And AI here is a tool which ensures all the security and prevents the loss of data. AI has ensured the security to the level where no one can steal your data from your lost phone. 

Bottle line: It could be put without a doubt that AI has transformed the application development process and giving an information-driven methodology to app development companies to take care of users’ issues. One thing is for sure that AI is making our life more convenient than ever, mainly via mobile apps. For any queries on how AI can be implemented in apps, contact our development experts at :

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