10 Useful Apps that will Make Work From Home Easier

10 Useful Apps that will Make Work From Home Easier

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, work from home has been considered a smart way out, to control the spreading of this pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill. The respiratory infection that has spread like a wildfire affecting hundreds of thousands of people globally, can be wisely tackled by eliminating contact and gatherings. That is why work from home has come out as a great solution to avoid infecting people at the workplace.

Given the conventional setting of workplaces, adapting to the work from home style has been a challenge for the professionals globally, who are striving hard to keep afloat amidst the global crisis. If you are one of them, you can make it easier with some apps, here’s a list of 10 useful apps, that is specially curated for improving the overall efficiency of work from home:



Work from home means working all alone from your place. This means all the discussions with your colleagues regarding the project can not be done as you simply can’t walk down to your boss’s cabin or teammates’ cubicle to have a quick talk. 

Well, with slack you can very much do the same, but from your remote working stations virtually. Slack has made communication easy. This app lets you send messages and communicate with your team in real-time.

What’s even better is the fact that it lets you create different team groups, and have a group chat too, for a seamless group discussion to get going with your projects. Slack also offers third-party integrations with platforms like GitHub, Zapier, Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, Heroku, and many more, to make your remote working much more effective.



Work from home doesn’t mean you cannot work on a series of tasks with your team. Trello lets your team coordinate the tasks list and assign them to the fellow colleagues. It lets you get a list of your tasks and helps you manage it efficiently in a simple to-do list manner.

You can maintain the status of your workload in the form of tasks and keep a track of them. Trello is a great app for remotely working professionals, which can be used in both personal and business capacities.

Being an online cross-platform application, you can access your Trello Board from anywhere using your laptop or smartphones, which lets you work from anywhere you want. Moreover, it offers a wide range of third party integrations like Jira, Typeform, GitLab, Freshdesk, etc. for better coordinated and efficient working.

G Suite Apps

G Suite Apps is a series of different apps created by Google to assist professionals in working from remote locations. It offers applications like Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Keep, Tasks, and many more that give well-rounded assistance to a working professional.

It allows you to share documents on your Drive (Cloud) and share it with colleagues; make real-time changes in them, and get their comments. Apart from this, it helps you schedule meetings, tasks, and communicate with your teammates and business associates.

G Suite Apps offer multi-dimension efficiency to your remote working and are widely recommended worldwide by professionals.


Conferences and meetings become nearly impossible when you are working from home and especially in times like today’s when social distancing is highly recommended. Zoom Video Communications allows you to host and attend call conferences, making meetings go virtual. 

You can schedule meetings, get reminders and send invites to colleagues and business associates and make the most out of your work from home.


Project Management could seem to be difficult when working from home, but by using smart web-based project management apps like Basecamp, you can communicate with your team and keep a track of the project in real-time. Unlike traditional web-based project management products, Basecamp lets you organize in a more efficient and interesting manner.

Basecamp also offers third-party integrations with applications like Google Drive, Calendar, Zapier, Slack, Jira, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many more for better project management.


Dropbox is a great app to share files securely with teammates and colleagues in real-time. It offers large storage of up to 2 TB with their paid subscriptions. It lets you store and update the documents in real-time with the smart-sync feature.

Dropbox is widely used by enterprises and individual professionals throughout the world and is a great app to use for secure storage of Documents.


Home is a place to relax and work from home becomes difficult as many people find it tough to concentrate on work amidst the hustle and distractions at home. Noisli makes it easy with sound therapy that lets the user listen to calm music for better focus.

It offers different playlists and allows its users to choose and play music for better concentration. This makes Noisli a great application for professionals working from home, helping them work more efficiently using sound therapy.


Working from home doesn’t mean that you have to give up on an idea simply because you couldn’t note it down and will eventually slip out of your mind. The answer to this Evernote. It lets you keep a track of all your ideas, in the form of simple notes. 

You can use Evernote to organize, manage tasks, and archive, apart from taking down the notes. This is very useful in cases where you want to take down an idea and communicate it with teammates.

Evernote lets you make notes using the content of any form such as text, images, web content excerpts, drawings, etc. and share them by tagging and exporting it to the colleagues. You can also get their feedback and comments on them, making updates and edits in real-time.

Microsoft Teams

Another way to communicate and collaborate with your teammates and colleagues online is via Microsoft Teams. It is a unified platform that offers real-time communication in the form of chat, video meetings, conferencing within the client software, Voice over IP, along with PSTN conferencing that allows its users to call on phone numbers given by their client.

Microsoft Teams lets you create different channels for individual teams along with third-party integrations like MailChimp, Skype, Twitter, Github, Asana, Bing News, etc. making the overall coordination and collaboration seamless and smoother.


While the Big White Boards and Conference rooms make the best place for brainstorming in office, Mind Meister lets you do it remotely. It lets you visualize, share, and present your thoughts on the cloud with your teammates. 

Mind Meister is a virtual way to brainstorm with the team on ideas making collaboration from remote locations easier than ever. It lets you make mind maps using images, file attachments, videos, and hyperlinks; share and edit them, get comments and feedback on them from the teammates.

On a closing note

With these 10 useful apps that are listed above, you can make your work from home easier in this hour of crisis. But what is even more important is the thought to reflect and stay indoors, while delivering efficiently, at the same time spending some quality time with the family. Making the best out of this opportunity shall be a lifetime experience because it’s high time to acknowledge the power of remote working and leverage it to make our lives better.