Best Video Conferencing Apps of 2021

Best Video Conferencing Apps of 2021

In the last year, it felt as though the world around us has changed massively so many things have started operating so differently and life, at least for the coming future, isn’t quite how we expected it to turn out like it did. This is, no doubt, due to the unceasing Coronavirus pandemic which kept all of us in lockdown for almost a year, confined to our homes away from our family and friends.

This pandemic has disrupted or almost entirely derailed a wide variety of industries, although while some sectors are struggling to survive, others are seeing a surge in demand stimulated concretely as a result of the new world escorted in by COVID-19.

With individuals working remotely becoming the new normal, fortunately, there introduced some new ways to avoid monotonous email series and playing phone tag—and that’s video conferencing. 

With the globalization of teams and conference rooms expanding to incorporate video capabilities, video conferencing isn’t just another trend that’s getting to dissolve anytime soon. The history of video conferencing let’s us have a far better understanding of where the technology started from and the way we use the technology today, giving us a far better perspective on something that’s becoming an important part to organizational collaboration.

The video conferencing industry is one of the big winners in this context, a perfect quick fix for internal meetings, supporting the literally billions of people who have been forced to work from home by allowing them to communicate and collaborate remotely with colleagues and clients. It is also helpful for chatting with customers or suppliers, As long as you have a webcam, a microphone, and an internet connection, you’re good to go. 

There are numerous video conferencing application alternatives in the market, and it is often really confusing to figure out which one is best for your business. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best online video conferencing software in fact, what are the benefits, and what features to look out for. From there, we’ll run through some best apps for video conferencing options: 

bluejeans- best video conferencing app for remote work

BlueJeans — Best Video Conferencing App for remote work

BlueJeans provides an interoperable cloud-based video meetings service that connects many users across different devices, platforms and conference programs. All BlueJeans members have a private “meeting room” in the BlueJeans cloud to schedule and host conference meetings.   

Depending on your requirements, there are four different BlueJeans video conferencing products for you to choose from. Here’s a explanation of each one:

  • BlueJeans Meetings — Video, audio, and web conferences from any device
  • BlueJeans Rooms — Single-touch audio and video conference rooms
  • BlueJeans Events — Host and stream interactive events for sizeable audiences
  • BlueJeans Gateway — Access Microsoft Teams calls from any meeting room system
cisco webex- best for healthcare

Cisco Webex Review — Best For Healthcare

Cisco has been an industry leader in the telecommunications space for 35+ years. So it should come as no surprise to ascertain Cisco Webex rank so high this list. 

In addition to the usual video conferencing, Cisco has tools for contact centers, online meetings, cloud calling, online training, team collaboration, etc.

What really stands out are the industry-specific solutions offered from Webex, including video conferencing for healthcare.

Here are various of the highlights of using Cisco Webex:

  • End-to-end security with strong encryption
  • High-quality video and audio calling
  • Virtual training capabilities with recording and on-demand viewing
  • Share your entire screen or simply share a single app or document
  • AI powered web assistant
  • Integrations with tools like Slack, G Suite, Salesforce, etc.
  • Compatibility on web, desktop, mobile and video systems
lifesize- best zoom alternative

LifeSize Review– Best Zoom Alternative

Zoom has swiftly become a household name over the past year or so. But not everyone is comfortable using it, and several businesses look for an alternative video conferencing solution. 

If you’re looking for a something similar setup and feature list, Lifesize will be the best option.

Lifesize is a cloud video conferencing solution and team collaboration platform that is easily compatible with any device. You can use the software to meet with co-workers, clients, employees, and anyone else, from anywhere.

Let’s take a better check out a number of the advantages and highlights of Lifesize:

  • Ultra-high definition and 4k screen sharing
  • Unlimited guest invitations to meetings
  • Large meetings with up to 500 participants
  • Broadcast live events with up to 10,000 viewers
  • Manage users and room settings from a web-based admin console
  • High encryption standards for robust security
  • Interoperability with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more
whereby- simplest video conferencing app

Whereby Review — Simplest Video Conferencing Software

Whereby is the most uncomplicated video conferencing software in the market today. There’s no app installation required. Just choose a personalized meeting URL, and participants can access the same link every time.

The software was actually inbuilt in Norway, and it’s a well-liked choice for Europeans. So it is GDPR compliant and follows some of the stern data protection and privacy laws across the world..

Here’s a fast glance over the features and benefits you’ll get by using Whereby for video conferencing:

  • Live chat and reactions during video calls without interrupting the speaker
  • Rooms are closed by default, so admins can choose who to let in
  • Fit up to 50 participants during a room at an equivalent time
  • Host has the control to mute members and end the meeting for everyone
  • Participants can open other tabs and explore websites during a gathering
  • Add company branding and logos to your meeting rooms
  • Integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar
  • Record meetings that you can download and share
  • YouTube integration for watching videos during a meeting
  • Screen sharing, Google Docs integration, and mobile support
ringcentral-best video conferencing app

RingCentral Review — Best All-in-One Communication Suite

If your business needs quite just video conferencing, look no further than RingCentral. Unlike other software options that are put up for personal use, RingCentral is built specifically for businesses.

They offer an all-in-one communication suite for integrated video meetings, phone calls, team messaging, file sharing, and task management.

Let’s take a better check out a number of the features, benefits, and highlights of RingCentral:

  • Enterprise-grade security and a 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Easy to line up, deploy, add new users, and manage teams
  • Works from any device
  • Solutions for small businesses, enterprises, and everything in between
  • Tools for remote work and remote customer service
  • Cloud phone systems and contact centers
  • Solutions for managed service providers
globalmeet by pgi

GlobalMeet by PGI Review — Best For International Video Conferencing

GlobalMeet is another popular business communications platform. As the name implies, the software is made to accommodate international calls. 

They have 160+ points of presence in over 60 varied countries. This allows for exceptional call quality, even with participants streaming video calls from different continents. 

Here are some other top reasons why I like and recommend GlobalMeet:

  • They offer hardware solutions for complete video room integrations
  • Join calls on the go through the mobile app
  • Record your meetings and play them any time with cloud recording capability
  • Single-click to join video calls from an intuitive user interface
  • High definition video with simultaneous screen sharing functionality
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email in 12 languages

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