Google Stretched Approval Time for Apps to 72 Hours

Google Stretched Approval Time for Apps to 72 Hours

It seems like Google doesn’t want to leave any stone to increase its user security. Now, they are keen to take on the malicious apps containing adware or worse. For this, they have empowered their app review process by extending it from 24 to 72 hours last week.

The Google Play Store has been the prime hub for Android apps developers, and the biggest & safest way for users to get apps for Android users. In the same vein, they have recently introduced a feature which allows users to sign in certain services without a password:

The development is first noticed by Choice of Games, which is a prolific app developer with more than 100 apps on the Google Play Store. They reported that apps submitted via Android developers interface now take a three-day approval time. 

Whenever any developer submits a new app for approval, a banner appears where Google says it will take more time to thoroughly review the app to better protect its users. You will also receive a notification directly in your dashboard about how long it takes to approve the app. 

However, the time of approval depends on the developer’s popularity and trust, but one thing is for sure that this time Google has put a high bar. And it will give a hard time to the Android developers to get approval from Play Store. 

What this development holds for Google Play Store users?

It is all positive for the Google Play Store Users. This development makes downloading apps safer than ever. However, most of the existing Google apps are safer, but still, a small but dangerous apps have still managed to pass the approval process. 

These adware and stalker apps on the Google Play Store can steal your data in numerous ways. So if Google has stretched its screening process, it means they will use this extra time to ensure that the passed apps will not put users data at risk. 

What it meant for Android developers

This development has come with a big surprise for the developers because Google didn’t announce this development formally. Initially, it will create issues for the developers who work on specific deadlines and schedules, and the three days approval time may act as an impediment in meeting those deadlines. 

Google should have communicated this development with developers to keep things easy for the developers to plan things accordingly. But in the long run, it is better for developers and app users. 


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