Mobcoder AR Experts

Mobcoder AR Experts

Mobcoder is a new-age technology driven organization that enables business and brands to experience, understand and utilize the most advanced and sought after technologies in the world. We house some of the best minds in Augmented Reality solutions, 3D Design, programming, coding. We place ourselves as a research-driven team that focuses on curating ideas and developing tools to market your product, create brand impact and provide reliable technical practical consultancy. 

Scientific breakthroughs in mobile phone technology have brought us a long way since the invention of the basic Symbian phones two decades ago. Not only do all modern phones now come with their own set of built-in apps, we now have the option to choose from thousands of different free applications to download on our phones for different uses. This explosive era of innovative Mobile Application development has brought about a rise in the demand for more futuristic mobile phone applications and technology in general, and immersive technologies in particular. Market of Mobile App Development for Augmented Reality is rising worldwide.

We’re ready to bring your physical and digital business operations together with AR. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Mobile App development is the segment which is probably the most affected by AR. AR solutions have already landed in the markets with Oculus by Facebook, Hololens by Microsoft, and Scanta with an AR mobile application which transforms your smartphone into glasses.

How AR/VR Will Revolutionize Marketing In The Automotive Industry

The AR automotive market is at an early stage of its development. But leading car manufacturers recognize it’s high potential, and there is a clear upward trend of using AR in the automotive sector.

Buying a car can be challenging, whether it is selecting a model or choosing the right interior – especially considering the plethora of options available. With recent developments in AR and VR, the automotive industry is looking at immersive technologies to help them overcome these challenges in an affordable and scalable way.

Our developers are committed to deliver rich and immersive real life augmented reality (AR) experiences through App store and Google Play store. An AR experience is one in which real life real time elements are modified and presented in front of the user. It creates a physical environment wherein elements are extracted through real world inputs such as audio, video, graphics and GPS data.

Using Augmented Reality in Education and Training

Augmented reality in education can serve a number of purposes. It helps the students easily acquire, process, and remember the information. Additionally, AR makes learning itself more engaging and fun.

It is also not limited to a single age group or level of education, and can be used equally well in all levels of schooling; from pre-schooling education up to college, or even at work. 

Augmented reality has the potential to replace paper textbooks, physical models, posters, printed manuals. It offers portable and less expensive learning materials. As a result education becomes more accessible and mobile.  

AR technology is transforming the ‘Try Before You Buy Concept’, developing a much better interactive shopping experience. The software lets you communicate your originality in a more fascinating way than standards media can. This pristine method creates an emotional connection between customers of the product they’re testing.

 Our Augmented Reality professionals know precisely where AR can bring the most value to your organization. From engineering to manufacturing, to after-market service, our customers are distancing themselves from the competition with AR solutions.

It also can be used for prototyping: AR provides a set of approaches and special tools for exploring ideas and testing them before spending a large amount of resources. Mobcoder’s innovative AR software solutions enhance user engagement and brand value, making your business stand out from competitors.

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