How To Submit App To the App Store in 2021

How To Submit App To the App Store in 2021

Before the app finds itself on the App Store, it has to get through a review. For the process to be completed quickly and successfully, Apple provides requirements for each product page element. In this guideline, we’ve gathered all the information you need to consider before submit app to the App Store.

Prerequisites for criteria of uploading an app in the app store

  1. The product has to be ready for submission and must comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines. 
  2. It has to be submitted from Apple Developer Program Account, not from the Apple Developer Enterprise Program).
  3. Apps 6+
  4. q`have to be developed on a system that runs Mac OS X.
  5. Xcode.  

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Steps to Submit or upload app to the app store

Here is the list of guides, each has the steps that one has to follow for submitting an app. 

  1. Create an iTunes Connect app record
  2. Configuration of XCode project for distribution is required
  3. Archive your app 
  4. Run iTunes Connect validation tests
  5. Upload your app 
  6. Submit it for the review process 
  7. Release the product
  1. Create an iTunes Connect App Record  

Developers have to create a record on iTunes Connect before getting involved with the process of uploading the app on the App Store. The record comprises all the relevant information needed to manage the app through the distribution process and provides a glimpse of how the app will appear on the app store. 

  1. XCode project configuration for the distribution 

Developers have to set Identity and Team, Bundle ID, to develop a profile for provisioning and set version number and release the string. The entire process can be done from the General pane in the project editor. 

  1. Achieve your App

Irrespective of the type of distribution method you opt for, you have to create an archive of your app. Here, Xcode archives empower you to build your app and store. Plus, it allows archiving critical debugging information. 

Choose Product > Archive to create an archive. Then Xcode will create and store the archive in the Archives organizer.  

  1. Run iTunes connect Validation Tests 

It is quintessential to validate your archive before it’s uploaded to iTunes Connect. This is time to review and fix any validation issues.

  1. Upload your App 

Finally, this step takes you to upload your App to iTunes Connect. To do the same, one has to select the archive one wants to upload and click “Upload to App Store”. One always finds provisioning profiles packaged with iOS apps so users’ devices can install them.

  1. Submit Version for Review

Every submitted app has to be reviewed thoroughly by the dedicated team before release. All the submitted apps must have complied with all the designated App Store guidelines. 

Developers have the right to request Manual or Automatic release of the approved app. But the manual release option is highly recommended here. 

Before submitting an app, please ensure all relevant infrastructure is running in production mode. Any app review tentatively demands 2 to 3 days. In case your app is not approved within this timeframe, you can review the notes in the Resolution Center and make any necessary changes to the app or version information then resubmit it. 

  1. Release

Now, it comes to the most worthy step on app store submission

  1. In case you selected Manual Release, click Release your app when ready
  2. Just wait for the “Ready for Sale” option version status (this process may take 1 hour to 1 day after release)
  3. Witness tour app on the App Store.

For submitting a new version of your app or to comply with app store marketing guidelines, you just have to repeat steps 2 through 7. In case of any updates in the policies or any info on how to create an app for the iPhone, follow our blog section.

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