Wearables Continue to Transform the Fitness Industry

Wearables Continue to Transform the Fitness Industry

With the ease and direct access to technology and gadgets, now users and fitness enthusiasts have the opportunity to make fitness into their hands and make it more personalized. 

Taking more specific about these technologies. A name that popped up above all is “Wearable technology”. This is something which was unheard a few years ago. But now, it is the rage and has already become a sensation with the help of unprecedented digitization. 

It is because of this rage, now the individuals can use wearable technology to manage their health and fitness goals on the way and can tap into specific physical and medical needs.  

Anyways, the fitness industry has been craving for this sort of solution. 

“It simply goes like this, you can’t monitor what you can’t measure, and when data has become a new currency, only wearables can measure it on-the-go.”

As per some data that has been gathered in the sector, the number of connected wearable devices worldwide has already crossed a mark of 578 mn in 2019 in comparison to the figure of 1069 mn in 2014. The United Kingdom which is known for the largest adoption rate of wearable devices with 33 percent of the population is still using it to monitor their health. This is a clear sign that people are now more aware of this technology and its use in their lives.

Wearable Technology

Wearables have become far more than a fashion accessory. They provide valuable data for those who are serious about their progress and developments. There is an option out there for everybody. Apple has now added an electrocardiogram (ECG) function on the Apple Watch Series 4, which allows for a more detailed analysis of its users’ heart health. Meanwhile, Fitbit’s latest Charge 3 works with more progressive heart rate sensors that use algorithms to reveal insights on your heart, while giving instantaneous feedback allowing you to make the most of every workout. Users can track all of their activities from home-workouts, to spin classes, to sleep patterns.

Impact of Wearable Technology

The advent of wearable technology revolutionaries’ in the health and fitness industry has numerous benefits to boast of –

  • Empowered Individuals 

Wearable technology allows individuals to be in charge of their health by putting a check on their fitness activities by using real-time data provided by smart devices. This educates them about their health without having to rush to a physician at every sneeze and cough.

  • Aid Professionals

With the use of Wearable devices, it is possible to share live personal data with doctors. So it has become easy for them to detect and diagnose disease much earlier than ever. It also gives them in-depth information about the patient’s lifestyle, activity level, heart rates, blood pressure levels, sugar levels, and other vital information that might be crucial in understanding the patient’s health better.

  • Better Medical Procedures

These technologies work on the AI models which allows for safe and secure sharing of personal health data and records. This data can seamlessly transfer from labs to hospitals to patients in no time. The direct transfer literally removes the risk of tampering with reports to extract undue benefits from the patient.

See how we are making a huge impact to make this technology more personalized?

First, to combine the right mix of technology with the world of Fitness & Healthcare, Mobcoder worked as a strategic & developing partner of Fitplus. We made stationery treadmills & bikes smart and to bring them in the IoT ecosystem through Bluetooth connectivity.

In achieving the second milestone, we have worked on Wearable technology. So, our professionals have developed the Fitplus band, which empowers them to track their all-day activities, exercises, & sleep. Basically, the Fitplus band is a holistic solution that propagates a combined concept of health & wellness.  

Plus, you can always have all the notifications of calls and messages on the track. So, it can be easily a one-stop fitness & wellness solution.

The Future for Wearable Technology

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, wearable devices have a significant impact on many industries like fashion, gaming, and more importantly on- healthcare. And given what looms, the frequent success of these groundbreaking & innovative technologies being developed, researchers believe that new findings and data from wearable devices could potentially help health care professionals develop personalized treatment plans, and anticipate the need for any medical intervention before the health condition may become worse. 

Not only has the technology turnaround the shibboleths of the health & fitness industry, but it is also looking to evolve. Now the question is, are you ready to be digitized and want to adopt this technology in your healthcare or fitness set-up? If yes, Mobcoder has proven expertise in integrating wearable technology into your existing technical infrastructure.

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