MobCoder is a company that believes in early adoption of the latest trends in the market. We, at MobCoder, have utilized Flutter, the open-source mobile app development SDK, to create high-quality applications for both Android and iOS devices. We have an unmatched commitment to our quality work and invite businesses to have a successful journey with us.


Benefits of Flutter App Development

Flutter allows developers to build incredible apps for both Android and iOS platforms. With the ease of coding, Flutter offers single code for both the platforms hence making testing easier. It allows building your own widgets that are rich in design and fast in performance.

Quick and Easy Coding

Flutter app development has a class of its own that provides developers with simple yet fast coding benefits. The Hot Reload feature makes coding efficient and debugging easy. This encourages more and more experiment to improve the functionalities and richness.

Simple to Adopt for Developers

The architecture of Flutter is so designed that it aids developers in adopting it easily and integrating it with other programming languages. Flutter is based on Dart which has Java alike features, so, it gets even easier for developers to adopt it.

Single Code for iOS and Android Apps

One of the greatest benefits provided with Flutter is that it is single coding based, means it does not require separate codes for iOS or Android platforms. With its feature-rich and platform independent widgets, Flutter provides developers with the freedom to show their creativity.

Makes Testing Faster

It often happens that as the number of features increases in an app, it increases the difficulty in testing. But with Flutter, developers are provided with the ability to automate the tests for speedy delivery. As, a single code is required to serve both the platform, so, this makes the testing process easier.

Faster User Experience

With the user’s need in hand, developers can build extraordinary apps that provide the swiftest user experience. All you need is a developer with expertise in this cutting-edge technology.

Create Your Own Widget

Flutter, with its versatile widget library, has changed the current market scenario in app development. Widgets have made Flutter app development not only hassle-free but have helped in developing responsive and functionally amazing apps.

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