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Mobcoder™ is a leading iPhone app development service provider. Our unshakeable code ensures that every mobile app built here is of immense quality. Over 1500+ apps on the App Store is the testimony of our iOS app development company acumen.

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iOS App Development

iOS App Development – Where Experience Meets Innovation

Being an iOS app development company, we create highly robust and functional iOS mobile apps to match all your business demands. Our expert team of in-house consultants, designers, and apple developers cover the entire product development life cycle from finding a product-market fit to developing and launching your app in the market from concept to distribution for all iOS devices.

Using a plethora of cutting-edge technologies, we help numerous Startups and Businesses around the globe to create next-gen iOS apps.

Our iOS App Development Process

We have delivered goal-oriented iOS app development agency across industry that have helped our clients to achieve their desired digital goals. Be it framework, application architecture or UI/UX experience; we deliver excellence at every stage.

Our iOS App Development Process

We have delivered goal-oriented iOS application development solutions across industry that have helped our clients to achieve their desired digital goals. Be it framework, application architecture or UI/UX experience; we deliver excellence at every stage.

  • Research & Consulting

    We start with what we call Phase Zero. A data collection and marketing research phase in which we study your app, company, and end users.

  • UI/UX

    Our design team knows very well how to produce interfaces that are pleasing to the eyes. We efficiently use core data, core graphics, and animation.

  • App Development

    Our team of apple developers builds advanced algorithms and provides leadership on architecture and technical aspects for developing core apps.

  • Upgradation and Migration of iOS Apps

    Our apple iOS developers build apps for several iOS versions and make sure that all the apps are upgraded for better user satisfaction.

  • Testing and QA

    Our team is well-equipped with both automatic and manual testing tools. In addition, we use cutting-edge methods to debug your app from all the malware.

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  • Research & Consulting

  • UI/UX

  • App Development

  • Upgradation and Migration of iOS apps

  • Testing & QA

  • App Support & Maintenance

iOS Apps We’ve built


Libraries for iOS App Development

Many libraries are accessible for integrating iOS editors and designing components; some of these iOS libraries are extremely easy to use. Below is the List of the top Libraries used by our expert developers.

Libraries For iOS App Development
  • RxSwift


    The RxSwift universe is enormous. RxSwift iOS library is specially developed to support nonsynchronous programming; it's one of the prime language resources that carry out explicit iOS app development. In addition, this library supports reactive programming, which makes it easy for developers to create dynamic iOS applications. RxSwift also has avant-garde features like maps, flat maps, marble diagrams, etc.

  • CocoaPods


    CocoaPods Library is a famous dependency manager tool for Swift and object C programming languages. It is used to scale iOS app development projects and has 58,000 libraries. CocoaPods is an open-source community loaded with 1000 combinations of various code libraries.

  • SDWebImage library

    SDWebImage Library

    SDWebImage library is perfect for asynchronous iOS image downloading and comes with a non-current picture downloading feature which is worth including in any iOS application development project. It supports caching and can support PNG, JPEG, and GIF picture positions for developing iOS applications easily.

  • Alamofire


    Alamofire is among the biggest libraries for organizing HTTP sets in Swift language. It controls many functions like statistical metrics, network enhancement, HTTP methods, authentication services, and routing requests. In addition, Alamofire includes cutting-edge technologies that encourage the iOS development company to hire mobile app developers to instill advancement in their solutions.

Benefits of iOS App Development

  • Great Security

    Great Security

    iPhone app development company provides excellent security for businesses, and iPhone app development requires adherence to high-quality standards of Apple’s Play Store before they are made available. In addition, the iPhone application development company helps entrepreneurs uphold data privacy and user identity. The objective is to adequately save them from potential external security threats like malware, hacking, phishing, virus, and more.

  • Amazing User Experience

    Amazing User Experience

    The innate abilities of Apple iOS offer an excellent user experience. However, when reckoning the benefits of iOS development services, the contentment of iOS users cannot be ignored. It provides a vigorous combination of hardware and software, followed by all-inclusive customer support and maintenance throughout the app lifecycle. This is the unimpaired performance of almost every app on the Apple store.

  • Simpler Yet Effective Testing Practices

    Simpler Yet Effective Testing Practices

    Apple has a fewer number of devices in the market so the versions are also limited. Also, it releases just one single update every year to its existing OS. Therefore, iPhone app development has to meet the prerequisite criteria of the prevalent iOS versions. It results in a considerable reduction in the testing time and brings forward a faster time to market for iOS applications. It is one of the major benefits of developing iOS applications.

  • Greater Market Access

    Greater Market Access

    Apple has a colossal presence in developed markets such as the US, Australia, and the UK. For any ventures aiming to target these markets and more, iOS apps are a win-win. Apple’s legacy and quality help guarantee success for iOS apps. As a benefit of iOS application development, the enterprise-grade iPhone app meets the ever-changing business requirements with ease.

  • Loyal Consumer Base

    Loyal Consumer Base

    Apple features a well-established community of consumers who are in total admiration of Apple’s quality and performance. It holds even during a scenario where 75% of app users are Android users. iPhone apps offer flawless performance and an incredible experience. This trust and goodwill are a part of Apple’s legacy for iPhone apps that help garner an outsized and constant consumer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for you to develop an iPhone app?
It will usually take 3 to 4 months to successfully develop an app that is ready for public release. When I say develop, I mean the engineering part of the process. This timeframe doesn’t include the product definition or design stages of building a mobile app.
How will you allocate resources for my iPhone app development project?
It is art and science combined together. The way people see it defines it for them. Generally, it's checking out the simplest available resources for any project, assignment of these resources to the team, then monitoring the workload throughout the method , and also re-assignment of resources is done if needed. This is what we can figure out about resource allocation. This takes tons of study and artistic decisions that help the teams to make a decision which resource will help them within the best way. The application being developed also plays a crucial role during this . This is something that gets better with experience, albeit people study it by books or tutorial videos, they're going to need to learn from their practical experiences.
Will I be getting regular updates from you?
Yes, we make sure maximum transparency in all phases and stages of development and work closely with our clients throughout the project lifecycle.
Which tools and technologies do you use?
There are many iOS development solutions that tend to show up frequently on our iOS developers' favorites lists. Here’s a list of those tools:
  • XCode as IDE
  • Zeplin
  • Invision
  • Figma
  • Objective -C
  • Swift
  • Gitlab
  • Fabric
Will you assist me to upload my iOS app on the App store?
Yes. Infact, we take the full responsibility of publishing an app on the App Store ourselves. It is a part of our end-to-end iOS app development solution services offering.
What is the Cost to develop and maintain a mobile app?
The combination of High Quality and Low Development Cost is what each business looking to expand in the mobile domain hopes to achieve. A combination that is more possible to achieve in Eastern Countries like India varies from that of the Western Nations. So the iOS app development costs and android app development costs depend on various factors.

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