Unearth the unlimited potential by harnessing more sensors, and more data, and transforming the way you interact with your devices.

Connecting devices always create value. That’s why our IoT solutions ensure continuous delivery & integration. At Mobcoder™, we deliver top-notch IoT solutions, so businesses (both start-ups & Enterprises) capitalize on our services to improve operational efficiencies, enhance the user experience, and create a digital ecosystem by connecting data, people, and processes.

Mobcoder™ has carved its niche in IoT by building smart connected devices

By harnessing machine learning and advanced analytical ability to make communication more efficient.
Our IoT service domain includes:

  • Advisory


  • Implementation


  • Maintenance


Keeping innovations at the core of operations, Mobcoder™ encircles the entire spectrum of IoT services in the four stages

  • Ideate


    Understand the strategic requirement and customer expectations and conceptualize the right strategy by combining industry insights, technology expertise, and business needs.

  • Define


    Marking the right solution after detailed research on multiple models, IoT asset management plan with process transformation roadmap, and governance model as per the deployment requirements.

  • Build


    Empowering devices to detect patterns, learn continuously, and communicate securely over multiple channels. Integrating data analytics and big data algorithms for getting real-time insights for more informed business decisions.

  • Grow


    By leveraging machine learning & artificial intelligence, our IoT services make operations smart and, manage the service management aspects and get hidden insights from collected data.

Our Services & Solutions

  • IoT Application Development

    IoT Application Development

  • IoT Consulting

    IoT Consulting

  • IoT Engineering

    IoT Engineering

  • IoT Testing

    IoT Testing

IoT Application Development

Mobcoder™, with its high-end and innovative application development service, develops customized IoT solutions to solve real-world problems of multiple industry verticals. Offering you end-to-end application development services, including both hardware and software support, to provide the best-in-class services for ultimate performance.

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Reduce technology risks with our comprehensive IoT expertise

Mobcoder™ IoT Engineering Services is empowered to develop and deploy IoT solutions, including - IoT device development (hardware design and embedded software development), IoT platform integration, and application development.

  • Connectivity


    Wired: USB, Ethernet, HDMI
    Wireless: WiFi, BT/BLE, NFC, GPS, UWB, LoRaWAN.

  • Security


    Symmetric/Asymmetric encryption algorithm secure-boot, identity protection, duplication avoidance.

  • Cloud


    AWS, AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, Dashboard for Data Analytics.

  • Algorithms


    Imaging, Machine Vision, and Sensor Fusion; Algorithm Optimization for different embedded platforms.

  • Hardware


    Prototype design (schematics, PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly); hardware design complaint to DFM.

Frequently Asked Questions

How scalable is the Mobcoder™ IoT gateway solution?
During the phase of requirement analysis, we estimate the whole scope and scalability required in the project. Our IoT solutions can be scaled horizontally or vertically, as per the client’s requirement. Horizontal scaling involves adding more gateways to the existing network.

On the other hand, vertical scaling involves adding more resources such as memory, device software, OS, hardware, and APIs to the gateway.
How do you can ensure the security of the IoT systems during the data exchange?
The entire data communication between the IoT gateway and the server is protected using highly protected hybrid data encryption standards such as 2028 bits RSA and 256 bits AES.
Can we connect our existing analytics application to the data collected from the IoT gateways?
Yes, our gamut of IoT services can connect any new or legacy existing systems with all the aggregated data from the IoT gateway.
What are the minimum hardware requirements to develop an IoT project?
Hardware requirements are subjected to the requirements of each project. For any details on the hardware requirements to develop a full-fledged IoT project, please contact our IoT experts.
How much does it take to develop an IoT solution?
Usually, it takes 8 to 12 months (based on the requirement to develop a full-fledged IoT solution. Our engineers can deliver Proof-of-Concept) PoC in 3 months.
Can you help us to connect devices to the cloud?
Yes, as a dedicated IoT solution provider, we can help you to connect all the IoT devices to the cloud. Mobcoder™ can set-up sensors, IoT gateway, Cloud Servers, and your analytics application.

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