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Project Overview

The project aims to develop an e-commerce marketplace dedicated to facilitating the procurement of raw materials for the construction and building industry. This platform will connect suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, and builders, streamlining the process of sourcing essential building materials. The marketplace will leverage technology to enhance efficiency, transparency, and convenience in the procurement of construction materials.

Project Overview

The Problem Statement

Encountering issues with a chosen technology or methodology during the research and requirements analysis phase of a project is not uncommon. It’s essential to address these issues promptly to ensure the project’s success. Here are some steps that can be taken when facing such challenges.

The Problem Statement


  • Diverse Client Needs

    Clients may have a wide range of needs and preferences, making it challenging to create a one-size-fits-all solution. Balancing customization with scalability can be difficult.

  • Changing Requirements

    Clients needs and expectations may evolve over time. Keeping up with changing requirements and adapting the solution accordingly can be challenging.

  • Scope Creep

    Clients may request additional features or changes that were not initially part of the project scope. Managing scope creep while still satisfying the client can be a delicate balance.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    The project, initially involving Wipro technology, faced issues with research and requirement analysis documents. To address this, a Business Analyst has been brought on board to streamline the processes and ensure project success.

  • Technical Complexity

    Some client requirements may involve technically complex solutions that require specialized knowledge and skills.

Project Goal

Project Goal

Our mission is to build the most trusted B2B e-commerce platform that helps SMEs unlock their potential by transforming the way they do their business. We empower contractors and retailers to procure high-quality construction raw materials from top brands at competitive prices, with easy access to finance and a smooth delivery experience. Our platform also provides suppliers with the opportunity to grow their market and increase capacity utilization. We are a technology-first brand that is digitizing the entire ecosystem, making it more efficient, transparent, and accessible for businesses.

Project Goal


We want to know what features should be included in an online store for construction materials for real estate construction to ensure that customers can perform their tasks with ease and have a good user experience while shopping online.


blue tickUnderstand how the users navigate through online stores when they look online real estate construction materials.

blue tickDetermine which features users like to use when shop for their home and any construction items off line /online.

blue tickLearn about the needs, motivations, and current pain points that the users have when they look online.

blue tickResearch about competitors to see what is working and what is not working for them.

blue tickIdentify the pros and cons of shopping online and in store.

User Persona

User Persona

Joshua Doe

38 Yrs - Buyer Persona For Large-Scale Builder


To efficiently manage their projects and ensure timely completion


One stop solution for all construction needs


Develop and implement long-term business strategies to achieve growth & expansion goals


Loves to party over the weekends and hanging out with friends.


  • Typically a large construction company with more than 50 employees.
  • Works on large-scale construction projects such as high-rise buildings, large infrastructure projects, and major commercial developments.
  • Has a significant budget for purchasing materials and may have established relationships with suppliers for bulk purchasing.

Goals and Needs

  • To manage and complete large and complex construction projects on time and within budget.
  • Large inventory of high-quality and reliable construction-related products.
  • Customization and salable solutions to meet specific project requirements.


  • Managing complex construction projects with multiple stakeholders and contractors
  • Meeting strict project timelines and budgets
  • Managing logistics and transportation of materials

Supply Chain - Logistics

Involves all the processes for creating and seamless product delivery from the raw material stage to finished goods ready along with the live tracking of the product. We offer the services of OMS & Procurement management with wide features.

Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Seamless Customer experience in terms of delivery getting placed to their location along with the live tracking & on time Delivery.

Orders Placement & Fulfillment

Orders Placement & Fulfillment

Order placing has been simplified into more simpler steps with the best option to “get what you want “ with our glitch free fulfilment function.

Quotations & Negotiations For The Purchases

Quotations & Negotiations For The Purchases

Buyer has been offered a platform to raise their wish list of purchases with an added feature of negotiating the price from the seller This gives the flexibility.

Live Order Tracking & Analytical Insights

Live Order Tracking & Analytical Insights

Our customer has an luxury of keep an close eye on their delivery item with an exact live tracking along with every moment alerts on their wish.

Possible Solutions

Building a successful product often involves addressing a variety of challenges and making strategic decisions. Here are some key steps and solutions to consider when building a product.

  • Identify A Clear Problem Or Need

    Identify A Clear Problem Or Need

    Solution: Start by conducting thorough market research to identify a specific problem or need that your product can address. Ensure there is a genuine demand for the solution.

  • User Experience

    User Experience

    User experience (UX) refers to how a person feels when interacting with a system, product, or service.

  • Develop A Unique Value Proposition

    Develop A Unique Value Proposition

    Solution: Craft a compelling UVP that communicates the unique benefits and advantages of your product compared to competitors.

  • Prototyping & Mvp

    Prototyping & Mvp

    Solution: Build a prototype or MVP to test your product concept with real users. Start with core features and iterate based on feedback.


List the technologies and frameworks used to build the product. Include both front-end and back-end technologies.

Front-end Technologies

Tech Briefs

Front-end Technologies:

List Front-End Technologies

  • HTML


  • css3


  • bootstrap


  • javascript


  • jquery

    jQuery & Moment.js

Back-End Technologies

Tech Briefs

Back-end Technologies:

List Back-End Technologies

  • php

    PHP Magento 2 Ecommerce

  • angular

    Serviceability - Angular,node.js

  • CRM - Zoho

    CRM - Zoho

  • Order - Zoho Books

    Order - Zoho Books

  • gup shup

    Notification - Gup shup


Information Architecture



Buyer Portal (Adobe)​
Price, ETA,
Call back,
Cart, Promotions,
History, Self
  • CRM (Zoho)​
  • Buyer Onboarding​
  • Seller On-boarding
  • Lead Management
  • Help Desk​
  • CRM Analytics​
  • Ops Supply​
  • Seller Catalog​
  • Seller Price​
  • Seller Inventory​
  • Seller Logistics​
  • 3P Logistics​
  • Promise
  • Platform Catalog​
  • Platform Price​
  • Platform Availability​
  • Logistics Options​
  • Operational/ Fin Credit​
  • Order Service​
  • Buyer ​Orders​
  • Fulfillment​
  • Invoicing​
  • Order Edit & Returns​
  • Purchase Orders​
  • CRM (Zoho)​
  • Tax/ Invoicing​
  • Buyer/ Seller Legers​
  • Non Trade Accounts​
  • 3rd Party​ Systems​
  • Fin tech (Jocata)​
  • Track n Trace​ (Freight Tiger)​
  • 3P Logistics​
  • Payment Gateway​
  • Messaging​ & Calls management ​
Seller Portal
PO, Invoicing/
Manage catalog,
price & supply​
Misc​ (Zoho)​

Our Deliverables

  • 01

    Evaluate Business Processes

    Analyse existing business processes to understand how they operate, identify inefficiencies, and assess their alignment with organisational goals.

  • 02

    Anticipate Requirements

    Anticipate future needs and requirements by staying informed about industry trends and changes in the business environment.

  • 03

    Create Visual Design

    These visuals help convey the design concept, layout, and user interface of the product.

  • 04

    Identify Ways To Improve

    Identify areas within existing processes that can be improved, streamlined, or made more efficient.

  • 05

    Develop & Implement Solutions

    Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to design and implement solutions that address identified process issues and improve overall performance.

  • 06

    Optimization Strategies

    Develop optimisation strategies to enhance processes, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

Wire Frame

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  • Easy To Navigate

    Easy To Navigate
  • Product Rating

    Product Rating
  • Call To Action

    Call To Action
  • Product Walkthrough

    Product Walkthrough

  • Consistency


  • Simplicity