Making technology frontline to ensure mental health

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Concept behind

A mental therapist which is always there to talk and listen. Personalised conversation with Bolster can help students let go the menace of stress, anxiety thoughts, depression. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is here to tackle the widespread symptoms of depression among students.


Behaviour Analysis at its Best

By following a cognitive-behavioral strategy for preventing suicides, Bolster uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to deliver the personalised answers to any question related to mental health. Its analytical ability empowers it to analyze the real context of any query and deliver the most apt answer of it


Taking Mental care to the next level

Apart from taking care of your emotional health, it works alongside therapy or other treatments. Furthermore, its support feature pinpoints the locations of psychiatrists & mental health consultants on the map so that the students can seek solutions of their mental illness directly in- person.

Taking Mental care

Keeping the Confidential clause on Priority

No one likes to talk about his/her mental illness to anyone. Bolster comes into play to rescue this situation. Every interaction on the chat will be kept confidential and will only be used to perform behavioral analysis to make chat experience more personalised.

Clause on Priority

Get access to customised lessons

University of Washington amasses thousands of students. Unfortunately, if 0.5 percent of students are affected through some mental trauma, it would be difficult to deliver them particular solutions for a particular problem. Bolster has solved this problem through its analytical and AI capability and even designed customised lessons to practice to get rid of any sort of mental strength.

Customised lessons

Chatbots with a human like dialogue

Bolster chatbot is designed to give sympathetic reactions, and comes with the ability to enhance its existing interactive experiences through continuous human interactions. It is very easy to use and the user client adjusted reactions of the chatbot itself have been all looked into. And since it is based on cognitive technology, it conveys mental interventions for depression and tension dependent on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


Mental care has transformed with Bolster

First access to the AI-automated chat bot to check on your mental health. If it suggests anything suspicious, go through the customised lessons.

And then if want you want to meet the mental experts, go to the support feature and find their locations to meet them in person

Technologies used

MERN Stack, HTML, CSS, Swift, Java





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