An ultimate destination to use videos to ask your friends questions, get quick answers

Concept Behind Fantastic

Fantastic is the destination to use video to ask your friends questions, get quick answers, debate fun topics, invoke conversations and learn something new. With the Fantastic App, swipe open the replies to find a plethora of responses to your questions. Dig deeper by scrolling through quick, short video responses and find exactly what you’re looking for.


Clients Requirement

Multiple video streaming without buffering. There are multiple videos sources so making the processing was quite challenging. Represent the video threat clearly to the users.


Value Delivered

The team managed to stream video without buffering on the backend through the Amazon cloud front. Video uploading is through the S3 bucket on Amazon AWS to make the processing fast. Representing the source videos and thread videos clearly on the side menu.

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    It’s Fantastic
    Create videos, ask questions, start a conversation, and learn something new with the Fantastic conversational app

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    Build Your Profile
    Build a following with native videos and replies

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    Connect your Content
    Create videos and connect your content to external links online. Drive traffic to your shop or website on every single video.

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Reply Post

Video published as a reply on another video. Have multiple replies on videos shown as side testing.


Location-based Video

Upload your 30-second video from any location; plus you upload with a weblink that features on the left upper corner of the video.

  • Platform

    iOS, Android



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