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Concept Behind Fidgrit

Living up to the dream to become a sports enthusiast or desired to become a professional. Fidgrit is here to serve you. The mission is to integrate technology with sports and stage a platform for the whole sports fraternity, including-Professionals, Coaches, Amateurs, and of course, fans of all the different sports, including NBA, Tennis, Cricket, Football, and others.


Problem Statement

The complexity of the data is intrinsic to any sports management app. And undoubtedly, data management was crucial for our development team with a prototype like Fidgrit, which has different stats and varied user access.


Client’s Requirement

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    The client desired a prototype or a one-stop solution to bridge the distance between technology and sports management.

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    To make this functionality more seamless and user-interface, Fidgrit wanted to take this analytical ability to examine stats directly on a smartphone through Graphs and Charts.

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    So that amateurs, professionals, coaches, and or even the team use the latest technology advancements that tend to benefit them professionally.

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Value Delivered

Our goal was to deliver a prototype, and we did it within the stipulated time. It is an intuitive app with all the functionality that can encompass all the sports fraternity and empower them to use all the latest technology advancements.


One-stop Platform for All Sports Professionals

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    Left no one behind, any player, coach, or even team can join Fidgrit to see how it can transfer the power management button in your hand. Give a rebirth to the sports professional within you with the latest technology advancements.

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    Tailor-made platform to improve and optimizing games to another level, we bring sports fanatics altogether and provide them with the analytics to analyze their favorite game by making their profile and check on their strengths and weaknesses through stats.

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    A customized discussion board to talk strategy remotely and conveniently. Create your own sports event, schedule practice sessions, and manage players at your will through the app.

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The Result

All the functionalities are in place, and the app is ready to launch on the app store.

  • Mobile App


  • Backend

    Node.js, Angular

  • Platform

    Web App, iOS

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