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behind Fitplus

Being healthy is bliss & it requires hard work to earn this bliss. Fitplus, a one-stop fitness solution, is here to make your way easy to achieve that bliss. It takes you deep down into the world of Fitness & Healthcare and allows you to track every bit of your activity in real-time.


Making stationary treadmills & bikes smart and to bring them into the IoT ecosystem through Bluetooth connectivity was very challenging for us. And to find standard protocols of varied fitness machine was required a heck of research on IoT modules.


To make this app a prototype model, the client desired seamless app connectivity to varied fitness machines into Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem without using any fitness band to fetch the data directly into the mobile app. So it was required to build a unified app that can fetch data from varied sources & platforms (iOS, Android)

Fitplus Solution


Our technical experts formulated a strategy to manage the varied values of multiple models of the fitness machine and mapped with the current stats. And to make stationary bikes smart through app connectivity, our IoT development team integrated a BLE (Bluetooth Light Energy) chipset and started to fetch fitness stats from them.

The road
map to wellness

To make Fitplus a wellness solution, we have integrated a diet-tracking feature with the app to enable the user to watch for their diet managed by expert dietitians.

Fitplus UI
Fitplus UI
Fitplus UI
Fitplus UI

How it takes you
deep down into fitness world

Built smartly to sync with your smart devices (Smartphone, Wearables) and shows every fitness stats such as—Steps Count, Heart Rate, & Burned Calories. These stats make the process of evaluation very easy and allow the user to set fitness goals.

Fitplus Beat

Breaking the

In a bid to break the monotony of workout, we have integrated games with the app, and maintained a separate library & wrappers to manage different models and devices on a single platform.

Fitplus Showcase Fitplus Showcase Fitplus Showcase

Connect with
the fitness world

First time in the history of fitness & wellness industry, Fitplus integrates all the fitness apps on a single platform, connects you with the finest dieticians, trainers; integrates all the fitness apps on a single platform, and can connect with different fitness equipment seamlessly.

Fitplus Screens


Our process rightly starts in January 2019 for Phase 1 with a POC meeting followed by a rigorous discussion on—Data Fetching and how to control varied fitness machines through the App.

February 2019 (Discovery Phase) March 2019 (Analysis of UX/UI Design)

April to August 2019 (Development Phase). August 2019 (Beta Launching)—150 members with different devices were invited for the testing

September 2019 (Final Launch)—Launched with the complete functionality on all fronts

Fitplus Web Screens


Mobcoder was able to launch the Fitplus app with all the desired functionalities successfully and truly break into the IoT segment by combining fitness and wellness on a single platform.

Technologies used

MERN Stack, HTML, CSS, Swift, Java


Website, iOS, Android



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