PB Group Has Been Serving the Industry for Over 30 Years

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Concept Behind Professional Beauty

Featuring market-leading exhibitions, magazines, awards, and conferences for the salon and spa market. The platform caters to helping people working in the profession better engage with the business community and encourages active participation.


Clients Requirement

Buyers and sellers must be provided with a seamless, personalized experience with a clear and fast interface.

  • All the community members would answer prolific questions. Ideally, the content they see would be filtered as per the query and its relevance.


    Each entry type would have access to pre-defined areas of the platform.

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A Walkthrough to the Business Model

PB has been actively organizing events in Ireland, India, South Africa, the UAE, and the UK and publishing magazines for 30 years. Our ethos of expanding the market for professional treatments holds in all the countries we serve. We are proud to play our part in the profession’s growth and in bringing together beauty, hair, and spa professionals across the globe.


Challenges during Development

Managing video conferencing was difficult when thousands of users connected simultaneously.


What we delivered

Our developers use the Amazon Chime app Setup to sort out the issues during video conferencing.
To manage users, we have optimized code and load balancer to reduce the load on the server.

How to Harness the Platform and Connect With the Buyers

All users complete their profile – who and what they’re looking for, Contact details, job title, place of work, services, products offered, business size, budget to invest, etc.

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    Meet the Buyers
    Connect with buyers in advance or on the day of the event.

  • See who’s there - connect, chat,, and exchange contact details.


    Networking chat rooms will connect buyers to companies who book a brand showcase.