Enter Into the Breathtaking World of Augmented Reality With VideoBomb

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Concept Behind VideoBomb

Experience the exciting world of augmented reality through realistic animated and 3D objects in the real world with VideoBomb. Combining the concept of Augmented Reality & Machine learning, it enables users to scan the popular tied-up products and play with their latest videos and objects. The platform also allows them to share their augmented reality experiences by sharing their location.


Problem Statement

The presence of multiple objects in multiple categories caused many issues with keeping turnaround time in control.
Integrating different gestures control on a single screen was a bit complicated. Minimizing external sound disturbance to deliver a lucid sound effect to the added objects.


Client’s Requirement

Desired an App with Augmented Reality functionality and the feature to identify plain surfaces so that users can find suitable space to put different AR objects. Functionality by which users can become vendors and upload AR objects.

Integration of Machine learning concept for seamless integration of AR into the real world. To make the AR experience more efficient for users, varied filtered VR object categories were required.


Value Delivered

Allowing objects to be uploaded in USDZ file format instead of SCN overcame space management issues.

Maintained a local Database (Core DB) to allow the user to use an object multiple times without having downloaded it or hit API again.

Used MVVM (Model–View–ViewModel) software architecture pattern to increase code usability.

Integrated varied gesture controllers to identify a particular gesture to increase functionality.

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    Discover your imaginative world through VideoBomb.

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    That’s how you Enter into Augmented Reality World.

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    Do you wonder what it’s like inside someone else’s mind or what would happen if your dreams become real? You can share your world in the augmented reality world using your location and let everyone else in on what you are imagining. Others can finally be a part of your world as well.

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Share Your Augmented Reality Experiences on Social Media

To make this more exciting, Videobomb also allows you to share your Augmented Reality experiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.




    Xcode (ARKit, AVFoundation, Scent)